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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
12/01/15 11:58

H2Biz will build an offshore terminal in Montenegro

The plan, participated by local partners, envisages the construction of a mooring platform nearby Budva tourist port to host cargo ships

Budva (Montenegro) airview FB.jpg

Two weeks after latest acquisition of Marseilles silos, Neapolitan entrepreneur Luigi De Falco illustrated Ship2Shore his new plan which encompasses the construction of an offshore cargo terminal in Montenegro.

“Last January 3rd, we received the green-light to start construction of an offshore platform, 4 km away from Budva port, aimed at hosting cargo units”.

The plan, managed by H2Biz Logistics newco, was conceived because all Montenegro ports are exclusively suited for plesure crafts and seabed can't accommdate large ships”.

That's why De Falco suggested construction of an offshore terminal by installing a square steel platform with 250 metres in length able to berth 4 units simultaneously: “The new structure, that will be built directly in Podgorica-Montenegro following our specifications, will be anchored to seabed by 4 x 91 metres pillars”.

The platform will be provided with handling equipment to discharge freights and reload them on smaller units or barges so as to cover the so called 'last mile' up to the existing shore quays.

“The new structure – continues De Falco – will also host an operating centre, online with Budva Port Authority, so as to manage all mooring, loading and discharges operations”.

The whole plan will be worth 18 million euro and, as reported by H2Biz helm, it will be participated by different port operators, however, for the time being their names can't be disclosed.

The manager targets starting operating by spring 2016.

Francesco Bottino