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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 15:09

Governor Toti announced: “Fincantieri's overturning shall be completed by 2024”

An accord regarding the new project – allowing Sestri-based facility to manufacture up to 70,000 tons ships - was finally sealed and works will start in late 2019

As announced by Liguria Governor Giovanni Toti - alongside the Blue Economy Summit, arranged in Genoa by local Municipality - an accord was sealed among all parties involved in the so called ‘overtuning at sea’, therefore, as from 2024, Sestri Ponente-based Fincantieri facility might be competing with the structure managed by the same state-owned group in Monfalcone, in the construction of the largest cruiseships currently built on behalf of major shipowners.

In essence, the development of former project which outlined the infrastructural upgrade of  Sestri-based shipyard, currently manufacturing 110,000 GT units (Virgin Voyages' newbuildings currently under construction) due to structural restrictions.

Supported by the preferential lane especially conceived for this project and other port works by the extraordinary commissioner of the Morandi bridge, works might be starting by the end of this year.

During the technical – political meeting, participated by the President of Liguria region, by Genoa Major, by the Regional minister for Economic development as well as Fincantieri, Eni-Porto Petroli, Ferrovie, AdSP, Marina Aeroporto, Harbour's Master office and Pilots' representatives, the final project, also envisaging few amendendments aimed at cutting impact on nearby Petroleum Port and Sestri Ponente Marina activities, was approved.

Sestri Ponente will be capable to manufacture over 170,000 tons ships in a new dock with 400 metres in length and the enlargement will be developed in subsequent steps as the Morandi bridge.

“A large dock will be especially committed to larger cruiseships. As from 2024 Fincantieri will build larger ships turning into one of the major manufacturing sites in the Mediterranean, also engaging thousands of workers” said Toti.

Regarding subsidies, Liguria Governor also added that the project will be partially financed by funds already allocated to former overturning at sea while it has also been listed in Genoa decree  (1 billion) investment plan (stability law and 2019 tax decree).



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