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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/03/20 11:12

Genoa drew up its guidelines and PSA Pra’ terminal finally resumed operations

The document was approved also by trade unions and by the Trade Unions Representatives of the terminal, which resumed import/export operations and implemented measures to prevent truck drivers from gathering

After 7 hours, the hygiene and safety Committee held by the Port Authority of Genoa issued guidelines shared by port operators, including trade unions’ secretariats and Trade Unions representatives of the PSA Pra’ terminal, who had regarded the measures discussed as insufficient, thus suspending terminal operations.

The document grants most of the workers’ requests to increase their safety and avoid the spread of coronavirus, especially by entrusting responsibilities to companies and terminal operators.

In fact, they are responsible for implementing, among other things, “periodic sanitations of working areas and units”. On their part, single companies and their workers will be responsible for establishing the frequency of such sanitations: “The periodicity will be established by the employer in relation to the characteristics and usages of the premises, in consultation with the company doctor and with the Workers’ Health and Safety Representative”. In compliance with a protocol that each company will have to adopt, port workers are responsible for “sanitation, at each change of operator, of the parts of the equipment and units subject to manual contact, using the adequate sanitizers provided by the employer in consultation with the company doctor”.

Finally, terminal operators are entrusted with the implementation of “road hauliers, external users and passengers reception systems avoiding congestions and crowding. Companies undertake to develop telematic systems to exchange documents with road hauliers and users in general. Companies also undertake to implement the exchange of documents between ships and the terminal with such methods as to reduce contacts between maritime and land staff”.

The new guidelines, resulting from a compromise between productivity and an increase assurance of workers’ health, will be tested today, also because several aspects – for instance the availability of masks for port workers – do not depend by the document itself.

This morning activities were resumed at PSA Pra’ terminal, where the greatest problems were recently observed, with the unloading from trucks of containers to be exported and the resumption of import operations.          

Ligurian Trasportounito representative Giuseppe Tagnocchetti pointed out that “also imports were resumed and a system to filter drivers in the offices was implemented by requiring them to provide their mobile phone number in order to call each driver when his turn comes, thus avoiding gatherings”.