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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/09/19 12:05

Extremely busy summer for Bonfanti

In August, Italgru carried out two important deliveries in Belgium and France and it is now preparing for new upcoming deliveries

La gru di Le Havre al porto di destino

Established in 1954, Ambivere-based (Bergamo) port mobile cranes manufacturer Italgru is working hard relying on its experience and expertise acquired over the past decades.

“In August, we delivered the following machineries: 2 IMHC 1580 cranes (with a capacity of 80 tons) to Ravenna-based IFA, 1 IMHC 1580 (80 tons) to BNP in Vietnam, 1 IMHC 2120 crane (125 tons) to the Belgian port of Gent and 1 second hand refurbished GS 1100 P crane (63 tons) at the port of Le Havre in France”, CEO Fabrizio Bonfanti confirmed, announcing further imminent deliveries, not only to European customers but also worldwide. In fact, the corporate portfolio consists mainly of foreign customers.

“The following deliveries are on schedule: 2 two-rope diesel-electric IMHC 2120 cranes (125 tons) for Tanzania Port Authority (TPA), to be delivered to the port of the capital Dar Es Salaam; 2 two-rope diesel-hydraulic IMHC 3160 cranes (140 tons) for the Belgian port of Gent; 2 four-rope diesel-electric IMHC 2120 cranes (125 tons) for the Indian port of Gangavaram and 2 four-rope diesel-hydraulic IMHC 3160 cranes (140 tons) to be delivered in India”.

On top of that, “we are negotiating the sale of several mobile cranes (from 40 to 150 tons) and of some twenty offshore tower cranes for the Middle Eastern market”, anticipated Bonfanti, who pointed out proudly that “Italgru can provide both diesel-hydraulic and diesel-electric versions. This is a significant value added compared to the market since our direct competitors can provide only one version of these cranes”.


Angelo Scorza

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