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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 12:56

ENI is looking for a logistics operator in Porto Empedocle

The San Donato-based company is looking for a supplier for its Cassiopea project related to the development of a natural gas field off-shore Sicily’s southern coasts

For its project related to the development of the Cassiopea natural gas field off-shore southern Sicily, ENI is looking for an integrated logistics services supplier based in Port Empedocle.

More precisely, the San Donato-based company launched a “negotiated procedure with prior call for competition”. The relevant announcement, estimating a 3.5 million euro contract value for 12 months of activities (extendable for another 4 months), specifies that the contractor shall provide logistics support to Eni Spa Upstream by making available “a public area next to Porto Empedocle, which must be authorized also as customs area for materials storage”, and it shall carry out “loading and unloading operations of materials and equipment” in the port.

For said activity, at the expiry date of the announcement (August the 5th) it shall already hold “the authorization granted by the Western Sicilian Sea Port Authority”.  

It shall also carry out “loading and unloading operations of materials and equipment at a state-owned level”, “rental of units and equipment (cranes, semi-trailer trucks, light trucks and reach stackers”), “rental of accessories for lifting operations, containers, baskets, containers for drums and tanks, compressor and generators rental”.

It shall supply “wood axles, wood wedges, plywood sheets and wood sawdust”, as well as “reinforced concrete supports to store tubular material” and “water supply”.

The announcement provides also that the contractor shall carry out, among other things, “shipping agent, customs agent, base manager, logistics supervisor, marine advisor, HSE supervisor” services.

The announcement will expire on August the 5th. ENI explained that the price is not the only awarding criterium but the other parameters are specified only in the procurement documents, available in the dedicated area of its website.

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