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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/09/18 10:50

Elvio Simonetti to wear a new hat

The worldwide experienced (in port equipment) Italian manager recruited as business developer by RHC Deutschland from his Jakarta base

A new role and relevant duty in the very much specialised sector of cargo handling equipment for Elvio Simonetti.

The worldwide multiannual experienced Italian manager has been recruited as business developer by RHC Deutschland; he will work for the outfit of the Hofmann family from his Jakarta base starting 1st September.

After some 40 years, seemingly Simonetti is still much appreciated for his wide knowledge of the market and of the port equipment, always finding the right stimulation from the new challenge connected with any appointment he gains.

In the past nine years the Milan-born commercial manager established his own firm, known as Waterways Engineering & Consultancy Ltd. in Wan Chai , Hong Kong.

Lately he has been consulting Gaussin Group since August 2011, as well as Director of the Board of subsidiary Dock It Port Equipment in Singapore.

The Italian manager has worked in Europe, Asia and Americas; further to native Italy he has been based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xiamen, Bangkok, Miami, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro.

More specifically, in the 80’s he launched Fantuzzi Container Handling Equipment Division. In the 90’s he started at CVS Ferrari as Partner and Member of the Board of Directors (for 11 years); then he was appointed CEO of Portek Italia by global port operator Portek Singapore and later on President of the Board of Ansaldo-Reggiane of Fantuzzi Group. In 2010 he organized the Manitex’s take-over and re-starting of CVS Ferrari prior consulting until joining Gaussin Group 7 years ago.

Actually in the past three decades Simonetti has been able to introduce European port equipment manufacturers into international markets bringing local industries to a global level.

Owned and run by a single family - Rolf Hofmann, Managing Director and his sons Alexander,

Director, and Patricia, Consultant/Economist  - RHC is a team of dedicated European and Chinese engineering and commercial professionals with over 200 years’ experience (overall) in heavy duty machinery working with international companies.

The company is specialized in industrial products working with the most potential manufacturers in China making sure that clients requirements are correctly understood and implemented. The specialists working for RHC have a high reputation in the world market of heavy duty logistics and have a long experience in working for well known companies serving the heavy material handling equipment industry; in fact they can boast many years experience in the steel and shipbuilding industry, high tech special transporters used at the aircraft industry, the space industry and research, to assure the most efficient and reliable equipment.

Since the beginning of 2008 a joint venture company, named RKM Ltd, has been established for the production of special transporters with Korean partner Ecomaister of Incheon, since its foundation in 1982 leading the domestic market as the only manufacturer of railroad vehicle wheel processing facilities and vehicle checking facilities in the South Eastern Asian country.

RHC China/Germany and their partner companies cooperate in Shanghai and in China with leading steel structure manufacturers, being located in the heart of the Shanghai steel district; manufacturers are selected according to the project requirements as well as their technical ability and quality, RHC drives the development and procurement of customized products while engineers specify quality standards and define material requirements.

Angelo Scorza

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