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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 12:56

Danesi (VTE) winks at foreign railway companies

Gentile (RFI) confirms the launching of the new Genoa hub while also multiplying by four the Voghera-Milan line in 5 years

As from 2023 Genoa port will be attacking Central European markets and Voltri Terminal Europa  alredy winks at foreing railway companies (whom they started operating with since last autumn).

Maurizio Gentile, Managing director at Rete Ferroviaria Italiana confirmed local Primocanale TV station that Genoa and the Third Pass will be merged together and ready to operate by early 2023”, adding no extra-cost will be charged.

Furthermore, Gentile also pinpointed that Genoa-Milan railway line will be quadrupled in three subsequent steps: the Rogoredo – Pavia (900 million Euro investment to be completed by 2024); the  Tortona - Voghera, whose project is being conceived (600 million Euro); works completion by 2025.

The Third Pass (2023) will follow the same scheduling to complete Tortona hub and Campasso railway link.

Alessandro Pitto, President at Spediporto (Association of Genoa freight forwarders), who also attended the TV interview, pinpointed how intermodal transport's shares (15-20%) is perfectly in line with major European ports.

Gilberto Danesi, Managing PSA Italia, company controlling Genoa-Prà-based Voltri Terminal Europa , particularly appreciates forthcoming developments primarily because railway tracks reaching the terminal will be doubled between late 2019 and early 2020, introducing new market opportunities.

As from 2023 the new 750-metre railway bundle (also envisaging knocking down the existing flyover connecting highway road to Prà terminal) departing from Voltri Mare should be completed and the  new flyover will be built before knocking down the old one.

PSA's helm also added that by hosting 750-metre trains average cost per TEU will be cut and trains will be directly reaching Europe without transshipments in different interports.

“In 2023 the 7 new tracks will consent reaching Switzerland, Austria and Germany thus expanding the existing catching area”, continues the manager, adding that major advantage would be that foreign railway operators would come collect and return containers. Provided the whole infrastructure, the hardware and software will be working properly (particularly customs procedures which will have to be fast and efficient) transit-time will become an essential atout.

Finally, Danesi also adds: “We have a terminal in Antwerp-Belgium, operations are fast and runnin 24/24. Belgian workers earn more money but definitely work longer time.


Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Railways