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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/05/19 10:41

C.Steinweg-GMT attempts expanding in Trieste

Genoa-based company, already operating at Adriaterminal (until 2022), applied for 4 years concession on the adjoining Magazzino 5 intended for cruises by AdSP

After 26 years concession Genoa-based C.Steinweg-GMT (Genoa Metal Terminal) applied for expanding their presence in Trieste where the company is currently operating at Adriaterminal within Porto Vecchio area.

As reported on ADSP's website, GTM applied for 4-years concession on “magazzino 5 of Punto Franco Vecchio, covering 6,881 square metres, and 825 square metres adjoining areas hosting general cargo and hazardous commodities”.

The appeal lodged by the company helmed by Genoa-native entrepreneur Andrea Bartalini, published on the Authority's website last April 15th, will be available for observations until May 5th.

Subsequently, the institution helmed by Zeno D’Agostino will initiate the standard procedure, whose final outcome will have to comply with the authorithy's business plan on this area.

As recalled by local magazine Il Piccolo, AdSP has been evaluating whether committing GMT area and the existent facilities to cruise business for quite some time.

The concession granted Genoa-based terminal operator on Adriaterminal will expire in 2022 and the Julian port's management already announced it won't be renewed.

Originally MSC Crociere was interested in the area to establish their own cruise Terminal in Trieste, although they subsequently determined joining current cruise terminal's equity taking over 36.68 % shares in TAMI (Trieste Adriatic Maritime Initiative Srl) from Unicredit, company holding 60% shares (the left 40% is controlled by the Authority) in Trieste Terminal Passeggeri.

After GMT's concession will be expired, AdSP will have to determine whether confirming Adriaterminal's and adjoining areas new cruise vocation.

Furthermore should a 4-year concession be granted, as demanded by the terminal operator, GMT would control the facility until 2023, a year after  major concession at Adriaterminal would expire.