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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
03/06/19 10:26

Cruisers: poker of ace in the Adriatic

According to Risposte Turismo, 2019 will hit record breaking figures, handling overall 5.52 million passengers

According to Risposte Turismo, consulting company helmed by Francesco di Cesare, which arranged the Adriatic Sea Forum and drew up the the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, in 2019 Adriatic ports might reach 5.52 million record breaking cruisers (+7.3%).

Record breaking passengers ensued from a projection of data in major Adriatic cruise ports (which recorded 99.7% passengers in 2018 and 99.3% stopovers) while stopovers will be 3,307 (+7.2%).

Venice will be ranked first (1.56 million cruisers and 502 stopovers, stable versus 2018), followed by  Corfù with 787,000 cruisers (+7%) and 416 stopovers (+0.7%) and Dubrovnik, with 745,000 cruisers (+1.8%) and 475 stopovers (+8.4%).

Passengers on board ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans, will record a smaller growth not involving Italian ports.

According to RT, 2019 should be recording a slight increase versus 2018 (19.74 million passengers,

+2.4% versus 2017), the best one in the last decade.

Zadar should be growing (2.43 million passengers, + 1-2%), Durres (875,000, +2.6%), Dubrovnik (575,000, +3%), Sibenik (300,000, +3%), Rijeka (150,000, 16%), Pola (12,000, +2.2% on coastal routes and stable on international lines), stable figures in Ancona, Trieste and Pesaro.

Passangers trade (ferry/hydrofoil/catamaran), without considering domestic routes, ranks Croatia first among the countries of the area with 9.56 million passengers (0.7% versus 2017, namely 48.4% of the whole area), followed by Greece (5.39 millions, +7% versus 2017, namely 27.3%) and Italy (3.29 millions, +1.8% versus 2017, essentially 16.7%).

Regarding cruise traffic recorded in 2018 Italy is still ranked first reaching 2.42 million cruisers (+12% in 2017, 46.9 % of the total area), followed by Croatia for the numer of stopovers (1.3 million, 25.2% of the total) and finally by Greece with 737,000 handled passengers.

Slovenia shows growing figures, supported by Koper port (101,000 handled passengers +40.5%) while Albania shows decreasing figures due to the drop recorded in Saranda (78.200 handled passengers, -23.2%)

Still according to Risposte Turismo overall 420 million Euro were spent in the Adriatic area in 2018.

According to di Cesare, despite cruise traffic is affected by Venice affair, the port will significantly grow.




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