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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/02/19 10:06

Corsini is ready to dismiss SDT (TDT+Grimaldi&Neri)

The application to renew the temporary authorization to use Livorno Darsena Toscana was rejected: final judgement of the Regional Administrative Court to be issued in 10 days

Waiting for the Public Prosecutor of Livorno to lift the reservation about the disqualification from public offices for Port Authority top managers, president Stefano Corsini and secretary general Massimo Provinciali, under investigation for abuse of office with regards to the temporary authorization to use Darsena Toscana moorings (14 E, F and G) and the state-owned dry-port areas, a new chapter was added to the vicissitude involving also the shipping groups Onorato and Grimaldi.

The agreement consenting said use to SDT, entered into in July in the course of the public tender to grant a four-year concession pursuant to Article 18 of the law 84/94, expired on February the 8th. The application for extension submitted by the join-venture between TDT (controlled by GIP) and Sintermar (joint-venture between the Neri group and the Grimaldi Group’s subsidiary Coifi) was rejected by the Port Authority.

The terminal operator appealed against the rejection, and the Regional Administrative Court granted its suspension until the judges’ chamber scheduled for February the 19th. The terminal operator also requested the annulment, if detrimental, “of the unknown opinion of January the 24th 2019 of the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea Port Authority Management Committee referred to in the appeal”.

This is a mysterious opinion since the Authority and its top managers maintained maximum confidentiality, so much so that, in the note related to the aforesaid Committee, they omitted the fact that the assizes had dealt with the most pressing issue of the port.

We can only assume that the Bench’s initiative led Corsini&Provinciali to stop (also former chairman Giuliano Gallanti and former director Matteo Paroli are under investigation) granting the area on a temporary basis in order to set it aside for public use, while waiting for a long-term assignment.

In this case, and if the Regional Administrative Court did not annul the rejection of the extension rebuttal, SDT will have to clear the yards. However, compatibly with any possible requests from other operators, it will be allowed to use moorings. It remains to be understood weather this outcome will allow Seatrag and Uniport (Articles 16) to keep the management of the operating cycles subcontracted to them by SDT.


Andrea Moizo    

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