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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/02/19 12:07

Contship Italia lost a top manager

Cupolo unexpectedly left the group controlled by Eurokai. Chairman Battistello temporarily assumed all his Managing Director Operations & Sales powers

One of the two top managers of Contship Italia unexpectedly left the group.

The subsidiary of the German Eurokai, and consequently, through the Hamburg terminal network controlled by the Eckelmann family, also a member of the Teutonic container terminal operator conglomerate Eurogate, did not confirm it officially, but the news is certain: since the beginning of December 2018 Franco Nicola Cupolo is no longer Contiship Italia Spa’s Managing Director Business Units & Sales.

Cecilia Eckelmann Battistello temporarily assumed all the powers of the Neapolitan top manager. We do not know if it was Cupolo who resigned for personal reasons – a better professional opportunity? Strategic disagreements with the owners? – or if he was dismissed.

However, what we do know is that the company lost one of its two top managers in the year in which is it going to celebrate its first 50 years of activities.

In fact, in 1969 Angelo Ravano, at a small railway station in Cadenazzo (Canton of Ticino, Switzerland) started dispatching Fiat motorcars on consignment by railway, with the support of his secretary Cecilia (who would soon become his right-hand man).

This small business was a pioneer of the supply chain based on intermodal units and containers which reached the apex with the maritime (Contship Container Lines shipping company) and port (the various marine terminals, from LSCT La Spezia to MCT Gioia Tauro) phases, also being one of the first Mediterranean operators dealing with transhipment, feeders and hub & spokes.

Following the recent restructuring of the group’s hierarchies carried out three years ago, Cupolo was responsible for the operational and commercial activities of all the companies within the group, while the experienced managing director with equal powers Sebastiano Grasso, whose carrier focused on intermodalism (since 1987 at Danzas and since 2000 at Contship Italia), deals with Business Services (finance, human resources and IT).

Before Marco Simonetti's unexpected death, Grasso shared all the powers with him (being subordinate to Battistello, off course), dealing with rail & road, intermodalism and logistics, while the La Spezia top manager was responsible for port terminals.

Following Simonetti’s departure in mid-2016 the organizational structure changed completely. Cupolo – graduated at the Naval University of Naples, with former experience at Schenker – had already held several offices at Contship Italia (working for its subsidiaries CICT Cagliari, Hannibal, Eurogate Tanger and LSCT La Spezia) before becoming the coordinator of the general managers of all the group’s operational companies, who referred directly to him.

At the end of 2016, when Michele Giromini left the La Spezia terminal unexpectedly, the Neapolitan manager took his office, temporarily entrusting his responsibilities as LSCT general manager to Antonio Testi, who already held the same office at MCT Gioia Tauro.

In fact, besides Giromini, in the past years also other Contship Italia top managers left the group: from the top managers of two terminals Marco Mignogna (at Eurogate Tanger) and Domenico Bagalà (MCT Gioia Tauro), to Raffaello Cioni (with a trading role) a few months ago.

Angelo Scorza