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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
04/11/19 09:32

Caronte’s project for Reggio Calabria got the green light

The new terminal will handle heavy freight traffic coming from Tremestieri. But citizens and politicians objected and declared to be “ready to riot”

The project of Caronte&Tourist to create a hub for the Reggio Calabria-Messina maritime link in the areas north of the port yard in Pentimele (Reggio Calabria) made a significant step forward.

In fact, after almost 3 years, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Cultural Heritage recently concluded the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, giving only a few instructions for the project related to the creation of two mooring quays for ro-ro units and of several ground infrastructures to reorganize areas which were already partly paved, for a total investment of 3.6 million euro.

The project was suggested by Caronte to direct heavy traffic from/to Sicily, while passenger traffics would remain in Villa San Giovanni. The idea was devised in partnership with Diano Spa, a construction company controlling also the shipping operator Meridiano Lines, which is already active in the connection of heavy units in the Strait (between Reggio and Tremestieri). The terminal will be completed within 5 years from the publication of the VIA decree, which refers to the provisions of the technical Committee appointed to assess the environmental impact and to the provisions of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

The objections of the Region and especially of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria was not enough to persuade the Commission, but Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà (PD right-wing party) promised: “Allowing articulated lorries to travel through Sicily to reach the port of Reggio is a shameful idea, and our community will object to it strongly. We are determined to have our claims heard, also through resounding actions. This decision goes against all the opinions of local institutions. They cannot authorize such an absurd plan which would have devastating environmental, town planning and logistics effects. Reggio Calabria is ready to riot”.

In fact, all politicians are against this project: “The only way to prevent Reggio from being invaded by articulated lorries is immediately filing an appeal with the Regional Administrative Court against the Ministry’s decision. If mayor Falcomatà and governor Oliverio are really against the decision of the Pd-M5S government, they should lodge this appeal and we are ready to support them”, Forza Italia left-wing party deputy Francesco Cannizzaro declared.