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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
15/04/19 11:30

Cagliari gets into Unimed Feeder Services network

The short sea operator has reorganised the rotation of services calling Italian ports

Unimed Feeder Services (UFS) will commence a new service between the Italian East Coast and the islands of Sardinia and Sicilia, dubbed New Tyrrhenian. The rotation of the two 700 TEUs vessels will be: Leghorn, Genova, Catania, Cagliari, Leghorn, Genova, Naples and back.

UFS will subsequently revise its Malta/Tyrrhenian service, which in part overlaps, that will now connect Malta to south and central Italy and no longer extend to Genoa. Capacity will be raised to two 1,000 TEU vessels, replacing units of 700 TEUs that will be moved to the above new connection. The revised route is: Malta, Catania, Salerno, Naples, Leghorn and back.

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