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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/10/18 10:17

Cagliari CICT's crisis is not due to infrastructures

According to Contship Italia, the traffic decrease at the terminal, which remains one of the “most competitive in the Mediterranean”, is the result of consolidation of players


Contship Italia replied to Uiltrasporti Sardegna's criticism concerning the management of the CICT terminal in Cagliari. In particular, the trade union complained for the lack of structural investments, especially for cranes, on the part of the company, regarding this as the main cause for the decrease in traffics in the port.

On the other hand, Contship ascribed the terminal's crisis mainly to the fact that the number of operators and maritime lines currently active in the Mediterranean “diminished significantly during the past years as a result of merging and/or sales transactions, which in some cases caused the rationalisation of services and of ports of call”.

According to the company, the CICT terminal is still “competitive” as it can provide “an average quay productivity of 30 handlings per hour like, or even better than, many other transhipment terminals in the Mediterranean”.

“Contship Italia's top management and shareholders keep on searching for and evaluating any possible trade opportunity that could take advantage of the aforesaid performances which, combined with a highly qualified workforce with great know-how, and with the efficiency of its quay and yard infrastructures, make the Cagliari canal terminal one of the most competitive options in the Mediterranean”, the terminal operator concluded.