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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/12/17 10:55

Bogazzi will continue operating at Taliercio, at least until mid January

Italy's State Council approves suspension request, lodged by Porto di Carrara, against refusal of extension and clearance order demanded by AdSP

In primo piano la banchina Taliercio

Loading and unloading operations at Taliercio quay of Marina di Carrara will continue at least until January 18th.

Italy's Council of State originally issued negative verdict, while subsequently cancelling the decision taken by Florence Regional Tribunal which recently rejected suspension request lodged by Porto di Carrara Spa, while waiting for final hearing scheduled by mid January concerning the refusal issued by AdSP of Western Ligurian to approve further 4 years concession at Taliercio quay.

Concession on the quay, coveted for quite some time by the company helmed by Bogazzi, will in late December.

In essence, Porto di Carrara won't be forced to disrupt their business and will continue operating at Taliercio at least until Tar has issued final verdict.

The refusal to renew concession for further 4 years would allegedly ensue from the decision taken by AdSP which approved land use change turning the quay to passengers terminal, even though, besides Bogazzi, other companies showed their interest,  namely Costa Crociere and Spezia-based shipagent Dario Perioli, targeting to handle freights trade with Algerian partner CNAM Med from Carrara.

State Council's verdict has currently rescued 50 jobs.