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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
17/06/19 14:13

Ascheri: “Funivie's affair doesn't hit TAFS”

The Ministry of Transport stopped funding the company engaged in cargo bulk handling from Savona port to Italiana Coke installation

After latest decision made by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures to cut off state fundings  to support Funivie Spa, company controlled by Italiana Coke of Genoa-native entrepreneur Augusto Ascheri, which has been carrying coal and other cargo from Savona port to Cairo Montenotte for over 100 years (shifting 125 trucks/day from road to cableway), coal transport is at risk.

As confirmed by Ascheri the situation won't affect Terminal Alti Fondali Savona (TAFS) business, also controlled by the group and cableway's departing station, nevertheless trade unions started to worry for 100 workers.

The Ministry cut off funds due to Funivie's non-compliance with regulations.

In essence, as illustrated by Ascheri, a dispute started after the disruption of Funivie's parking area coverage construction, ensued after the company controlled by Astaldi (Nbi) group which was adjudicated the tender (in consosrtium with other enterprises) entered into recdivership, although Funivie is not directly involved in the fact.

Paolo Cervetti, managing director at Italiana Coke, also pinpoints that MIT cut off the allocated 20 million fundings (5 million/yer until 2022, Ed) for the maintenance and management of the installation, while waiting Nbi  receiverships' developments.

However, Funivie – according to Cervetti – had promptly notified the Ministry regarding Nbi's receivership's development and is committed to protect local community, Italian Coke group and their workers, still providing cargo transport without trucks to protect the environment”.

For the time being operations can still be running due to substantial economic resources generated in past years, however, a public transport service can hardly continue operating with no state subsidy, continued the manager.

In the short term, TAFS terminal won't be affected, essentially shifting cargo from cableway to road, however in the long term other solutions should be conceived.

Jobs and environmental impact would be definitely hurt, however “we confide – adds Cervetti – that all involved institutions, Genoa Port, Savona Municipality, Province, Liguria Region and the Ministry, will find a solution to further grant a public service which has been running for over 100 years”.

Finally states Italiana Coke's managing director, considering all port investments, ferrobonus, regional public transports and state funding allocated to support railways, 5 million Euro/year (less than 6 Euro/ton, 0.28 Euro/ton/km or 125 Euro/truck) shouldn't be such a big problem if considering the essential service provided and the company's 100 workers.”

Francesco Bottino