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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/09/17 08:31

Aponte to play his poker of cards in Trieste

MSC's doyen visited the port to evaluate ex Wärtsilä area, while also considering cruise business

While having deeply set roots in Genoa through latest (partially ongoing) deals at Terminal Rinfuse and Gruppo Messina, Gianluigi Aponte is seemingly also interested in Trieste, namely betting on the two ports which might revive Italy's maritime economy.

As told to Il Piccolo by Zeno d'Agostino, President of local Port Authority, MSC group's doyen personally reached the Julian main town to visit ex Ezit area and particularly the site put on sale by Wärtsilä.

Over 300,000 square metres area (encompassing 7,000 square metres warehouses), to be transferred Interporto Fernetti for 20 million Euro pursuant to latest decree expanding the power of Port System Authority which in fact played an essential role in the regulation of Free zones.

In essence the area became a particularly appealing site in relation to taxation, industrial investments and pure logistics.

Allegedly disregarding forthcoming new fiscal regime, Aponte already showed his particular interest in Trieste, by investing in TMT containers terminal (running Molo VII), 50% controlled by MSC after they bought further shares (TO Delta of Pierluigi Maneschi is the other partner) and consequently achieved positive results: + 0.91% growth in 2017 first semester, containers trade reached 296,000 TEUs (+21.68%).

Nevertheless MSC also means cruises and rumours are that, while attending the meeting with AdSP, Aponte also envisaged the construction of a new dedicated terminal in the Julian port (supporting TTP terminal participated by Costa Crociere) potentially replacing Adriaterminal.

Current scenario, already outlined in past months, might be fostered by latest visit of the Swiss shipowner.



Onorato walking along TMT quays (just for one day)


MSC's commitment in Trieste Marine Terminal particularly grew last year, originally gaining control of 50% shares and subsequently increasing trade volumes, however a further shipowner lately walked along the Julian quays.

Vincenzo Onorato, number one at Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar, but also managing Mascalzone Latino sailing team, that won the ORC 2017 championship in Trieste last July.

The Cookson 50 was loaded on container ship MSC Lauren at TMT terminal in late August to reach the Far East and subsequently compete in the Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam competition and late this year in the Sydney to Hobart.

Meanwhile, according to final resolution approved by Coordinamento Lavoratori Portuali di Trieste, negotiated with the help of Port System Authority, TMT positively smoothed port workers' turmoil regarding the expiration of some workers' contract and the recruitment of workers from Compagnia Portuale di Monfalcone (also controlled by TO Delta).