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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/05/19 10:22

APM will celebrate Christmas in Vado Ligure: the terminal will start operating next December 12th

The container terminal, run with Chinese partners COSCO and Qingdao, will run fully on stream in late 2020, targeting 40% intermodal traffic

Eleven years after having been adjudicated the concession (in 2008), and 6 years late on the first envisaged end-of-works date (2013), Vado Ligure containers terminal, to be managed by APM Terminals Vado Ligure – a joint-venture among APM Terminals (50.1%), COSCO (40%) and Qingdao Port (9.9%) – will finally start operating next December 12th.

APM Terminals Vado Ligure Managing Director, Paolo Cornetto, formally announced the date the new Vado Gateway will start operating before the President of Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, the President of Western Liguria ADSP, Paolo Emilio Signorini and Vice-minister for Transport and Infrastructures, Edoardo Rixi.

According to Cornetto, during the first phase the terminal will operate on half of the area and 450 metres quay, however capable to host last generation containerships, while the envisaged traffic would reach 250,000 TEU capacity in the first 12 months and 860,000 by late 2020 when the terminal will start going on stream, moreover, together with Reefer Terminal, already managed by APM, the overall capacity would exceed 1 million TEU.

The terminal, which implied 300 million Euro investments, “on which we invested 1/7 of the value plus further 180 million infrastructures and equipment” – the Italian manager remarked – will recruit 309 workers by late 2020 and 401 in 3-5 years.

Maersk and COSCO sales teams are currently evaluating how to include Vado Gateway within their rotations, either diverting already existing services or adding new stopovers.

However, as pinpointed by Rixi and Toti, showing how politicians consider the new terminal as a key element in the larger development plan of the whole Italian and particularly Ligurian ports,  they target over 250 km faraway markets, betting on Southern Germany wealthy industrial areas, essentially competing with everlasting Northern Range competitors.

“We confide this terminal might increase traffic in Liguria”, stated Toti while Rixi added that  “Savona, Genoa and La Spezia, will handle overall 7 million TEUs”.

“Considerable accords with renowned Chinese groups were sealed in Vado long time before latest Belt & Road agreement negotiated by the Government” added Toti, hinting that while the Government is talking about this plan, Vado will shortly turn the Belt & Road into reality.

Vado Gateway operators are obviously particularly interested in railway development to ensure the terminal will compete on the global market: “We target handling at least 40% traffic by rail and the new infrastructures, to be completed within few months, will be definitely needed”, confirmed APM Terminals Vado Ligure managing director.

The Government, stated Rixi “is currently evaluating to re-design the Savona-Genoa tunnels so as to ensure larger trains, departing from Vado, to cross the Third Pass”.

In essence, intermodalism and automation will be Vado Gateway slogan.

“This terminal will be semi-automated and become a unique structure in Western Mediterranean” added Signorini, while recalling that Vado Gateway's operations have been granted by former complicated restructuring works such as the new breakwater, worth 80 million Euro investment, which will be completed in 2022.

Furthermore “5 lanes high-road, 2 of which connected to railway line (worth 24 million and available as from June 2019) and the railway gateway upgrade, ready in November 2019, will consent the terminal to start operations”.

Furthermore a new building will be hosting cross-border customs declaration office.

Francesco Bottino

APM Terminals Barcelona received 2 new Super Post Panamax cranes to make a total of 13

APM Terminals Barcelona just received 2 new STS Super Post Panamax cranes arriving from Los Angeles (USA), fully upgraded in Shanghai in accordance with the highest operational quality standards of the terminal, allowing operations with ships of 23 containers across the beam. In addition, they are capable of lifting 100 tons and can also operate in TWIN mode (2x20’), which allows offering customers the highest productivity out of all the Mediterranean terminals.

The 2 cranes, each weighing 1,683 tons, arrived after being shipped around the Cape of Good Hope.

With the acquisition of these new SPPx cranes, manufactured by ZPMC, APM Terminals Barcelona now has a fleet of 13 cranes: 5 Super Post Panamax, 5 Post Panamax and 3 Panamax.

The installation of these new cranes comes just three months after the expansion carried out by APM Terminals Barcelona of its connections for reefer containers, which have increased by 31% with a new reefer rack with 152 connections, along with an increase in its electrical capacity.