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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 14:29

Agostinelli: “Over 20,000 TEUs ships in Gioia Tauro by next autumn”

The helm of the port authority announced MCT's investments in 6 new gantry cranes ordered in China: 3 to be delivered this year and further 3 in 2020

As announced by the President of Gioia Tauro Port Authotity, Andrea Agostinelli, while attending a press conference arranged to illustrate MCT terminal's re-launching plan envisaged by the new sole shareholder, Terminal Investment Limited (TIL), controlled by MSC group, as from next autumn Gioia Tauro, already hosting (only Italian port) over 19,000 TEU ships, will start accommodating over 20,000 TEU containerships.

Agostinelli also stated that the concessionaire will receive, by next summer, 3 new gantry cranes commissioned in China to be followed by other units by 2020.

A new investment in the handling sector, closely following the one announced last April covering 32 diesel-electric straddle-carriers provided by Finnish Kalmar and delivered in late 2019.

Agostinelli also recalled that the first 19,224 TEU ship, MSC Miriam, will reach the terminal in April to be followed by similar units on a weekly rotation: “We'll continue regularly hosting 20,000 TEU containerships and, by next autumn we'll have accommodated 58 units departing from the Far East, crossing the Suez canal, finally reaching Gioia Tauro and the Mediterranean to return to the Asian market”, illustrated Agostinelli.

The head of Calabria-based authority also realled that the terminal will be running onstream when connected to the upcoming railway gateway .

Meanwhile Comitato di Indirizzo della Zona Economia Speciale conceived a draft procedures to apply for the related subsidies.


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