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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
15/07/19 10:23

A new tugboat for Onorato’s fleet

The Vincenzino O, ordered in September 2018 by Moby from the Dutch shipbuilding group Damen, already arrived in Cagliari

The new tugboat Vincenziono O, built in Vietnam by the Dutch shipbuilding group Damen on behalf of Moby, already reached the port of Cagliari.

In fact, through a dedicated business unit, Vincenzo Onorato’s company provides port towage services to the Sardinian ports of Cagliari, Sarroch, Sant’Antioco, Porto Vesme, Oristano, Porto Torres, Olbia and Arbatax (as well as to the Puglia port of Barletta through its subsidiary San Cataldo), with a fleet of 17 tugs.

Last year, during the launching of the Maria Grazia Onorato unit at the German shipyard of Flensburg, the Campania shipowner had announced his plan to strengthen the group’s tugboats fleet with 3 new units.

In the following months, the group purchased only one unit, as specified in the Onorato Group’s business plan for the 2018-2023 period – referring to the investment “in a special tugboat operating in the port of Cagliari from January 2019” – and in the 3Q 2018 quarterly results, in which Moby revealed that it had placed an order “with a Dutch shipyard” for the construction “of a new tugboat amounting to 7.29 million euro”, with the related payment of the first instalment of 1.45 million euro.

In an official note published in the Luxembourg stock exchange website, Moby recently announced “the purchase, on July the 1st 2019, of the 'Vincenzino O' tugboat from a Dutch shipyard”, which “will be registered in the Ship Register of Cagliari, in Sardinia”.

Except for its nationality (Dutch), no specific information about the shipyard were provided, but this is enough to identify the only possible shipyard, i.e. the Damen group.

In fact, according to the Italian registers, the unit Vincenzino O, flying the Italian flag and moored at the port of Cagliari, was built by Damen in its Vietnam shipyard.


Francesco Bottino

TAG : Ports