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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/07/18 10:59

A new crane to handle coal for Enel's power plant in Brindisi

Sir Srl, which was awarded the contract to handle coal for the plant for the next two years, purchased a “Model 2” mobile port unit from Konecranes Gottwald

A new mobile port crane that Sir Srl just received from Konecranes Gottwald is worth 2.5 million euro.

This versatile unit will be used by the company – operating in Brindisi as a port enterprise, pursuant to Article 16, since 2016 in the bulk cargoes sector – for the unloading and handling of coal for the Enel power plant as in May 2018 Sir was awarded the contract (with Cesaro and CGT) related to this activity, thus replacing the previous contractor Ecologica Spa.

The company's owner Antonio Roma explained that this 27 million Euro contract will be in force for 24 months, with expected handling of 1.5 million tons of coal per year.

The new G HMK 2304 crane, with an 80 tons lifting capacity and an outreach up to 40 meters, can “also upload and unload goods and containers”, the manager explained, pointing out that in the Apulia port Sir currently handles also ashes and gypsums, containers and project cargoes with a Mhc 40 Fantuzzi-Reggiane crane and a Sennebogen 850E port handler.

Operating since 2007, when it took over the branch of a company working in the ecological services sector, besides port activities Sir Srl deals also with environmental reclamations. It currently boasts 177 employees, with an expected business volume for 2018 of 14 million euro.


Francesca Marchesi



Two cranes commissioned at Civitavecchia

Konecranes Gottwald Mobile Harbor Cranes won another order to handle fruit at the port of Rome


In the first quarter of 2018, Konecranes won another order from Italy for mobile harbor cranes.

Civitavecchia Fruit & Forest Terminal SpA (CFFT), a subsidiary of the Belgian holding company Noord Natie, purchased one new eco-efficient diesel-electric Konecranes Gottwald Model 5 Mobile Harbor Crane and one used mobile harbor crane from Konecranes to support its steadily growing fruit handling business. Both machines will handle reefer containers as well as palletized fruit.

“Our long-term strategy foresees the successive expansion of our infrastructure to strengthen our position as a leading terminal for importing bananas and pineapples to Italy. As the backbone of this infrastructure, we have now opted for an impressive solution based on a new and a used crane from Konecranes. The benefits include immediate availability of the cranes, which will lead to improved quayside handling capacity in the short-term” Steven Clerckx, Managing Director, CFFT, said.

For increased cargo handling performance and improved safety, the new Model 5 crane offers a number of smart crane features for assisted crane motions and working range limitation. These include a lifting height limiting function as well as a landside lowering function. To maximize the crane’s availability, it is additionally equipped with a remote access function, which enables the customer and Konecranes’ service team to access operating and diagnostics data around the clock without interrupting crane operation.

The Model 5 two-rope crane provides a maximum lifting capacity of 125 t and an outreach of up to 51 m. The used crane offers capacity up to 150 t and a maximum outreach of 51 m.

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