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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 09/12/19 09:49

Paolo Clerici’s hat-trick in his hometown

Long weekend with honorary degree at the University of Genoa, opening of the gardens named after his father Jack opposite former Coeclerici’s headquarters and presentation of the series ‘Storia della Marineria Mercantile Italiana’ [History of the Italian Merchant Navy] at the Galata Sea Museum

Locked 02/12/19 09:47

Lega Nord to pave the way for the PSA-SECH merger

The collapse of the Morandi Bridge was used to eliminate the prohibition concerning double concessions in ports (and to help Savona-based CULP as well as Port Authorities being late for localized variations)

Locked 02/12/19 09:44

Cruise companies and RCT stopped di Majo’s tax revolution

The Regional Administrative Court approved the rights of use imposed by the Port Authority, but it annulled the acts related to their implementation since they had not been submitted to the opinion of the Partnership Body. Draft budgets (2019 and 2020) might be subject to variations

Locked 02/12/19 09:41

Caronte tricked MSC in Gioia Tauro

In the meantime, the new gantry cranes for the container terminal arrived, while Autoterminal (Grimaldi’s affiliate) was granted 65,000 sqm to expand

Chiuso 18/11/19 09:27

ALIS held its annual convention in Rome with great fanfare

The Association created by Grimaldi Group three years ago to aggregate operators achieved record figures although President Guido Grimaldi aims at achieving even better results - “We are working to increase employment in Southern Italy” – and urged the Italian government to grant marebonus and ferrobonus subsidies, by declaring that “those who pollute must pay!”

Chiuso 11/11/19 12:53

Trieste to continue on the Silk Road alone

The Port Authority of Trieste went to China for the second phase of the agreements entered into in March, speeding up the platforms for Italian exports. Despite the MoU entered into with CCCC last spring, the Port Authority of Genoa did not go

Chiuso 11/11/19 11:52

di Majo like Hamlet: “To grant the quays under concession, or not to grant them, this is the question”

Port Authority president replied to Pagani Senator: “Civitavecchia remains a public port; when we issue the call for tender in January, we will attract additional traffics, and the concessionaire will not necessarily have to be a shipowner” In the meantime, Grimaldi wrong-footed his indirect competitors. “You container operators, who are already our customers in several ports, are recording losses, while we earn profits and are the world’s leader; learn how to do your job”

Chiuso 04/11/19 09:42

Martico Clerici to enter the market of pork exports to China

Genoa-based logistics operator, recently taken over by Spanish company Martico, is one of the providers appointed to manage the first Italian direct cargoes of reefer containers of the 9 Italian companies authorized by Beijing

Chiuso 04/11/19 09:34

Improved banana truce in Civitavecchia

The Port Authority defined the possibilities and limitations for CFFT concerning the use of the public quay for non-reefer containers, waiting for the Regional Administrative Court. The provisional financial statements were approved despite the contrary vote of the Municipality