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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Locked 27/01/20 09:06

Aponte defeated in Civitavecchia’s port dispute

According to the Regional Administrative Court of Rome, allowing a company pursuant to Article 16, which is authorized to handle conventional goods (CFFT), to handle containers on public quays is not illegitimate

Locked 27/01/20 08:51

Top players of the container sector scrambling for Cameroun

Bolloré will file an appeal against the exclusion of its subsidiary DIP (joint-venture with Maersk) from the tender for the new concession of the terminal of Douala, which was temporarily granted to TIL (MSC), before being withdrawn

Locked 20/01/20 10:03

The cruise sector achieved a dozen million passengers

In 2019, cruises in Italian ports witnessed an 11% increase compared to the previous year, achieving record volumes for the sector. The top of the ranking remained unaltered, but Genoa is competing with Naples, which ranked third; Savona lost ground due to “work in progress”, while Palermo and Cagliari recorded a significant decrease

Chiuso 20/01/20 10:28

Koper’s decline makes Trieste (half) happy

Net of the Turkish crisis, the Italian port should close 2019 recording positive results also thanks to traffics stolen from its Slovenian competitor. PLT, the dismantling of the Ironworks and Pier VIII might be connected

Chiuso 13/01/20 09:38

BLG Logistics to leave Gioia Tauro

Automar (Grimaldi, Bertani and Mercurio) achieved 100% of ATGT auto terminal, saying good-bye to its Bremen-based partners

Chiuso 13/01/20 09:22

Milleproroghe decree: bad news for Taranto and Gioia port workers

The refinancing of transhipment workers Agencies was eliminated a few hours before its publication in the Italian Official Gazette, but according to the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports there are a few more months left to save over 500 workers

Chiuso 07/01/20 09:26

European support for Trieste railway development

The EIB granted a 39 million euro loan to the Port Authority for its Trihub project, while 6,5 million will be provided out of CEF funds. An agreement was reached with the Region for the management of the port of Monfalcone

Chiuso 23/12/19 12:10

Power concentration in IT business

Leading company Navis to acquire Jade Logistics, New Zealand-based provider of the Master Terminal TOS for mixed cargo terminals

Chiuso 23/12/19 11:09

Costa and MSC booked Western Sicily’s 1.5 million cruise passengers

Deals with the Port Authorities of La Spezia and Palermo were signed almost simultaneously, while the questioning from Italian Anti-Corruption authority seem to be a problem only for Genoa. In the latter port, the Italian company bets on Zena Terminal, the Swiss one slows down for Hennebique