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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
02/10/17 10:27

Two new Czech locomotives in Emilia

The railway company Dinazzano Po orders two more CZ Loko 741 locomotives

Reggio Emilia railway company Dinazzano Po SpA signed a purchase agreement with the Czech manufacturer CZ Loko to purchase 2 741 locomotives – after those it has already been using since two years – that will arrive in Italy at the beginning of 2018.

Dinazzano Po has been using the two CZ Loko 741.701 and 741.707 locomotives since March 2015, mainly at the Dinazzano and Rubiera terminals.

CZ Loko 741 locomotives are four-axis locomotives with a single semi-central cab, equipped with a Caterpillar 3508 engine that can reach 1,000 kW. Their 18 tons axle weight distributed over two bogies allows the locomotives to handle more than 2,000 tons. In Italy, they are used also by the railway construction company Francesco Ventura, as well as in shunting services provided by Server in Novara, and by Terminali Italia in Verona. 

Dinazzano Po SpA was founded on April the 12th 2002 by Azienda Consorziale Trasporti from Reggio Emilia, that operated the railway lines Reggio/Caino and Guastalla/Reggio/Sassuolo, and managed Dinazzano freight yard; and by FER Ferrovie Emilia Romagna Srl, that operated the lines  Parma/Guastalla/Suzzara, Suzzara/Ferrara, Bologna/Portomaggiore, Casalecchio/Vignola and Ferrara/Codigoro.

The Reggio Emilia company had introduced significant innovations in railway logistics combining traction services purchased from railway companies with logistics and terminal services to provide customers with door-to-door service packages.

Initially, they added new railway connections with the port of Ravenna, which was served only by road transport due to its limited distance from the Sassuolo (Modena) ceramic district, and then they added railway connections with the ports of Genoa, Livorno and La Spezia, joining the connections with Germany, France and other European markets.

Finally, they opened a small freight yard in San Giacomo di Guastalla (Reggio Emilia) to serve a major steel manufacturing company.

The traffic in Dinazzano increased from 1,700,000 tons in 2001, to 2,900,000 at the end of 2012. Some 90,000 tons/year are handled in Guastalla San Giacomo.

Dinazzano Scalo platform is currently serving pallet, container and bulk cargoes operators: DB Schenker Italiana SpA, Spinelli Srl, Messina SpA, Sogemar, GLT Logistica.

In the past years, the company included Porto Intermodale Ravenna SpA (SAPIR) and Ravenna Port Authority in its shareholding structure. In June 2012 TPER Trasporto Pubblico Emilia Romagna SpA conferred its railway freight sector to Dinazzano Po, with an increase in share capital to 38,705,000 Euro.

At the beginning of its activity as railway company, TPER's entire locomotive fleet, which until then had been used for traction and shunting, was transferred to Dinazzano Po. 

Simultaneously, they ordered new vehicles such as the MDD 4 shunting locomotive manufactured by the Bulgarian Express Service, and the Vossloh D 284 002 train locomotive, the first Eurolight model used in Italy.

Dinazzano Po has a fleet of over 40 locomotives, of which 19 are registered with RIN (Italian vehicle register) and used to operate trains in the Italian railway infrastructure managed by RFI SpA (Ferrovie dello Stato Group). The remaining 22 locomotives are suitable for shunting services and train circulation in the regional railway structure managed by the company FER Ferrovie Emilia Romagna srl.


Angelo Scorza

TAG : Railways