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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/10/18 10:24

TriesteRailPort and Venice LNG were awarded over 18 million from CEF funds

Six Italian projects received financings within the Connecting Europe Facility Programme, amounting to 71 million euro

Among the projects financed by the European Commission within the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme there are also TriesteRailPort (to strengthen the railway infrastructure of the port of Trieste) and Venice LNG (to create a coastal LNG depot in Marghera).

The fund granted almost 700 million euro to a total of 49 initiatives aiming at “developing innovative and sustainable transport infrastructures” in Europe (out of 69 applications amounting to an overall financing of 1 billion euro). According to the EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc, this will trigger public and private investments amounting to 2.4 billion euro.

As concerns Italy, the Commission explained, the 6 projects selected (out of the 12 submitted) will receive over 71 million euro (out of 122.2 applied for).

Among them there is TriesteRailPort, a project devised by the Eastern Adriatic Sea Port Authority to strengthen Campo Marzio port railway infrastructures.

As the body explained, the project will allow to “operate 750 meters trains coming from different terminals simultaneously, increasing the port's competitiveness significantly”.

The overall estimated cost amounts to 32.7 million euro, to which the EU will contribute providing 6.54 million (according to the Port Authority, as concerns the remaining 80% negotiations with the EIB for a subsidised financing are “at an advanced stage”).

The list of Italian projects includes also Venice LNG, the project devised by Decal and Venice Port Authority for a coastal LNG depot in Marghera, for whose creation the company estimated an overall investment of over 100 million euro.

Within the latest CEF financing, Venice LNG – that had already received a 6.4 million euro financing from the CEF funds (concerning the Gainn4Sea project, involving also the port of Livorno) – will be awarded a further 12.143 million financing (equal to 20% of the total related to the project submitted to the Commission, which amounted to a total of 60 approximately).

According to the subsidiary Decal, the installation should be completed within the second half of 2021 (except for possible delays related to procedures or authorizations), entering into operation in 2022.

Among the 6 projects there is also Snam 4 Mobility (Snam's 100% subsidiary) with a project known as “retail LNG network development”, probably related to its “corporate mission”, i.e. the development of a “natural gas distribution network for transports across Italy”, which will be financed with 1.3 million (19.8% of the total, 6.92 million).

The project AMBRA-Electrify Europe, submitted by Enel X, will receive 14.1 million, i.e. 20% of the total of 70.75 of the entire project.

The project CRE8: Creating the station of the future, devised by Kuwait Petroleum Italy will receive a 20% financing amounting to 3.44 million out of the total 17.3 million, to improve the gas distribution network in Italy.

Finally, as concerns the joint-project SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) devised by member states for the development of an air traffic management system in the single European sky, Italy will be granted 33 million euro.

As concerns the overall financing, the Commission pointed out that, out of the total 700 million granted, more than a third (290 million) will be used for the development of air traffic management systems. Another 209 million will be deployed for the implementation of new technologies and innovative projects, while 103.6 million will be allocated to improve railway transport networks, maritime connections, ports and inland waterways; the remaining 250 million will finance projects focusing on the use of alternative fuels.

Francesca Marchesi 

TAG : UE politics