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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
24/09/18 10:45

Tirso pursued a 5 million Euro compensation claim against Tirrenia

Logistica Mediterranea is the haulage company which brought the Onorato’s company to Court achieving 2 millions precautionary seizure Meanwhile politician Pili denounced Onorato for a sale & charter-back attempt on three ferries

Un mezzo di Logistica Mediterranea Spa in banchina

As confirmed by Chairman and Managing Director Gastone Fabbri, Sardinia-based haulage company granted  2 millions precautionary seizure by Milan Tribunal is Logistica Mediterranea, actually operating as Tirso.

The affair is encompassed within the Antitrust Authority's investigation which finally Moby  charged Moby group with 32 million Euro sanction last March, subsequently allowing 12 months payment suspension with an appeal to be finally sorted out next spring.

Fabbri confirms their claim was lodged in parallel to the Antitrust investigation which subsequently summoned them to help establish the facts before charging Tirrenia and Moby.

“Our company has been boycotted by Tirrenia after 30 years relations The current management cancelled all existing businesses”, illustrates Fabbri adding Tirrenia discharged some loaded  trailers stating we had to pay cash and then continue loading.

The skilled President also illustrated they attempted to load freights through other companies, but “when Tirrenia discovered the fact, they discharged the vehicle. The situation was confirmed by the Antitrust”.

For this reason Logistica Mediterranea pursued a compensation claim against Tirrenia and the Antitrust added this specific case to former ones lodged by Lucianu and Trans Isole

These companies' 'fault' pivoted on the fact they had determined also shipping their vehicles on Grimaldi Group's units  (new entry on the Sardinia lines in late 2015).

As reported by Moby's quarterly report, Milan Court endorsed precautionary seizure for the compensation claimed by Tirso

Overall compensation claimed by Sardinia-based group stands at 4.5 – 5 million Euro” for damages suffered in three years.

Fabbri stated after they were banned from Tirrenia they turned to Grimaldi, however not always finding adequate lines and forcing trailers to cover longer distance to reach port of loading or final destinations.

Summing up all extra costs borne for major distances, Logistica Mediterranea claimed overall 5 million Euro compensation.

Finally, as posted on Facebook by Mauro Pili of Movimento Unidos, Moby is seemingly attempting to negotiate with a Japanese buyer a sale&charter-back for ferries Tirrenia Janas, Bithia and Athara, adding that “this deal between Onorato and Tokyo-based financial group has been called bare boat back. In essence Tirrenia and Moby's owner would collect 210 million Euro, to subsequently charter these ferries from the same buyer”.

Meanwhile according to Moby's quarterly report and Moody's analyses, the company's financial situation is getting worse and worse.

Furthermore, continues Pili “the real problem is that the company never paid those ferries, considering they never settled 180 million Euro instalments”.

Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Road haulage