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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/04/18 11:10

The newly established Mercitalia Fast will use the high speed network for freight transport

The new service, to be launched next October on the Caserta – Bologna link, will be subsequently reaching other terminals along the HS/HC corridor. Meanwhile the Italian company ordered 10 manoeuvring locos

As already anticipated few weeks ago, Mercitalia Fast, new high speed network for freight transport provided by Polo Mercitalia (FSI), has been formally established.

The new service was illustrated in Milan by Renato Mazzoncini, Managing Director and General Director at FS Italiane, Ivan Soncini, President at Mercitalia Logistics and Marco Gosso, Managing Director at Mercitalia Logistics, who confirmed that the new link will start operating on the Caserta (Marcianise) – Bologna (Interporto) line next October, ruling out former rumours regarding its launching on the Milan Certosa – Naples corridor.

An ETR 500 train reaching 180 km average speed, fitted with 12 cars suited to transport (70x80x180 1m3/220 kg) roll containers and granting 3 hours and 20 minutes transit time.

Already unveiled customers are: Leroy Merlin, NaturaSì, Admenta (pharmaceutical sector) and Logista.

Furthermore “we confide serving other terminals located in major Italian cities like Turin, Novara, Milan, Brescia, Verona, Padua, Rome and Bari”, Gosso said.

Mercitalia Fast - illustrates FSI in a statement – was conceived to transport time-sensitive products, quickly and reliably; it is suited for express couriers, logistic operators, manufacturers and can be tailored on our customers' requirements.

FSI top managers and Mercitalia Fast also announced Polo Mercitalia's annual results after a year operation.

According to Mazzoncini, FSI branch achieved its financial and industrial goals according to 2017-2026 business plan.

“We started to revive our freight and logistic sectors in Italy and abroad”, added Mazzoncini who confirmed that having reshuffled the group's cargo and logistic divisions definitely enhanced performance”.

Mercitalia, as already reported, allocated 500 million Euro investments – also ordering 125 new electric locos, 300 cars (for combined and conventional transport) and 10 manoeuvring locos – out of overall 1.5 billion investments envisaged in ten years.

Furthermore, “for the first time ever, Ferrovie Italiane recorded 40 million positive cash flow in 2017”.

FSI managing director also added that the group's investment aimed at strengthening intermodalism and providing high value added services, will generate 2.1 billion revenues by 2026”.


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