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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
20/05/19 12:28

The big players of the gas industry held a debate at the LNG summit in Naples

At the second Small Scale Conference in Naples Edison, SNAM, Gazprom and Higas presented their projects. Methane is regarded as essential for the energy transition from old fossil sources to new renewable sources

Public Prosecutor's office and Milan Tribunal put Ceva Logistics, primary logistic operator embroiled in Premium Net maxi bankruptcy procedure (which provided freight handling services workers within their warehouses).

As announced by Corriere della Sera newspaper, the Tribunal ordered receivership and appointed a judicial administrator.

Various cooperatives conceiled a remuneration plunder to the detriment of workers, forced to work up to 11 hours a day, to work extra hours threatened with the sack, although current judicial administration is just a precautionary measure based on available evidence.

In 2016 Premium Net issued 26 million Euro invoices to Ceva, in 2017 over 47 million, and judges provides the evidence showing that Ceva was aware that Premium Net offered their customers much lower prices than required to offset direct costs , being forced to cut real labour cost far below a fair application of the national collective agreement”.

Ceva failed to properly control the situation or at least pretended they were not aware of facts, however according to judges, by enforcing proper regulations, Premium Net's customers had to bear 22 million extra cost, especially for works on behalf of Ceva, besides the lost earning.

The logistic operator subsequently taken over by CMA CGM French shippig company stated that. On May 13th 2019 Milan Tribunal ordered CEVA logistics Italia srl,Contract Logistic division, precautionary measures art. 34, D.lvo 149/2011 regarding Consorzio Net.

The adopted measure exclusively concerns contract logistic labour contracts.

Such measure will help preserving Ceva Logistics Italia's interests which previously worked with Premium Net. Ceva disrupted all business contract with Premium net.

The company confirms they largely cooperated with the authority


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