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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
22/07/19 10:38

The Baumgartners celebrated their birthday in live streaming

FERCAM celebrated its 70th anniversary with a breakfast held simultaneously in all its 93 branches worldwide

Hannes e Thomas Baumgartner durante il discorso in live streaming

Bolzano-based logistics, road haulage and intermodal transport Group FERCAM, belonging to the Baumgartner family, celebrated its 70th anniversary on July the 12th 2019 with a breakfast held simultaneously in all its 93 branches (63 in Italy, 24 in other EU countries through subsidiaries, and 6 in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia and Albania), in live streaming.

From their Bolzano headquarters, Thomas and Hannes Baumgartner, Chairman and Managing Director of the company respectively, welcomed all the employees present and those in video conference from the 93 Italian and European branches, before reviewing the company’s history and celebrating the success achieved thanks to everyone’s commitment.

The company’s history dates back to July the 12th 1949, when three partners (Bruno Perina, Luigi Spagnolli and Ottorino Fanini) signed the certificate of incorporation of the new company FERCAM, with a share capital of Lire 1,000,000 (equal to 516 €), in Bolzano.

“Surely, they did not think that this would have been the beginning of a successful venture and that, after 70 years, they would have had over 2,000 direct employees and 3,000 indirect ones, a network of some 100 direct branches, 1 million of sm of logistics areas and over 2,000 transport units, achieving a turnover of over 800 million euro in 2018”, Thomas Baumgartner started off.

In 1963, with 5 trucks, FERCAM was taken over by Eduard Baumgartner, whose son Thomas took the helm in 1981, when FERCAM was still a transport company operating especially on the Brenner axis. During its almost 40 years of activities, thanks to its Chairman, FERCAM was turned into a multi-specialised logistics operator, thus becoming one of the leading companies in the Italian market, as well as in Europe and in all transport sectors – from railway to sea, air, distribution and logistics – and in the exhibition, fairs and removals sector under the trademark Gondrand by FERCAM.

Besides their initial corporate purpose (transport of freights in Italy and abroad), FERCAM’s founders also had an innovative insight as, in the Fifties, they managed to fill the gap between road and railway by loading railway freight wagons on special road trailers hauled by railcars from railway freight yards to the premises of consignees that did not have trucks. Although it worked only at short distances, the operation of railroad freight wagons allowed to save both time and costs since it made it unnecessary to transfer freights to trucks to deliver them to customers.

In Bolzano, this service was even more useful since large fruit and vegetable cooperatives and wineries, as well as industrial companies, did not have their own railway access. Therefore, this was a faster and cheaper way to use railway transport.

“We are happy to celebrate this anniversary with all our employees simultaneously, overcoming the distances between all the branches of our company with new technologies. I am sure that technological innovation will cause significant changes also in our industry, and we must be able to exploit it to the fullest”, declared Hannes Baumgartner, son of Thomas and Karin Mahl (Head of Media Relations), who manages the company since 2017.

Although it is a family-run company, FERCAM closed 2018 with an 811 million euro turnover, 2,100 direct employees and 4,000 indirect employees.

For its various activities, the group owns 3,350 loading units and 1.2 million sm of warehouses of next-generation logistics centres.

Angelo Scorza


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