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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/10/18 11:07

Safety and immigration decree-law to affect logistics

The measure recently enacted by the Italian government concerning safety and immigration provides for imprisonment (and expulsion in case of conviction of non-EU citizens) for road picketing, with Confetra's approval

The Decree-law recently approved by the Italian Council of Ministers concerning safety and immigration will affect also the logistics sector.

Amending the decree-laws of 1948 and 1998, Article 25 of the Decree-law establishes that those who organize roadblocks are liable to confinement (not only to an administrative sanction) ranging from 1 to 6 years and that, in the event that the conviction “by final judgement” concerns a non-Eu citizen, the latter shall be expelled.

Said regulation clearly affects the logistics sector as it is characterized by a significant presence of non-Eu workers on the one hand, and by a great number of conflicts on the other. Not only the Collective Labour Agreement signed by the confederal trade union was not signed by cooperatives, but it is also strongly opposed by all the autonomous labour unions, which are playing an increasingly significant role in warehouse logistics. In light of the significant number of workers in this sector  exposed to possible exploitation due to their origins and social conditions, several illegal recruitments and organized crime activities occurred in the past years.

This difficult situation (also resulting from the wide range of activities implied in the Collective Labour Agreement) caused problems both for the confederal trade union and for employers, so much so that last June the Italian General Confederation of transports and logistics Confetra “reported to the Italian Government the impossibility to keep on coping with the exploitation of foreign workers to carry out obstructions and picketing on behalf of supposed trade union organizations imposing their will to other workers, also by violent means”.

Far from taking specific measures about working conditions within the sector, the Italian Government increased the consequences of the frequent protests in logistics warehouses, often resulting in picketing and roadblocks carried out by workers, obviously also non-EU ones. In similar situations, the latter are now liable not only to imprisonment, but also to expulsion from the country.

Confetra President Nereo Marcucci voiced his satisfaction: “I regard the contents of Article 25 as a further essential prevention tool for forms of violence and abuse of power. Our companies and employees count on its dissuasive effect on the few ringleaders”.

The confederal trade union did not react yet – but the process of the decree-law has just begun -  while the trade union SI Cobas announced a general strike on October the 26th and a demonstration in Rome on the 27th to protest against the government's policies and the safety decree in general.


Andrea Moizo      


TAG : Logistics