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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/07/18 10:14

Rail Cargo to open a branch in the port of Trieste

Austrian railways settled in TMT's areas and started to compete with Trainose (FSI) in Greece

TO Delta and Rail Cargo Group strengthened their relations.

The freight division of the Austrian railways will open a new branch in the port of Trieste, in TMT's areas at Pier VII. In the portal AdriaPorts, the Italian group explained that the opening of the new branch was made official during a recent visit of Rail Cargo top management in the port. The cooperation between the Trieste container terminal and RCG, which started a few years ago, resulted in the development of several railway connections, especially to central Europe.

Rail Cargo Group just revealed that it entered also the Greek market, obtaining the licence to carry out traction activities in cooperation with the local operator Goldair Cargo SA, which has been its partner since 2015. Up to this day, the service was provided only by the former state railway operator Trainose, which in 2016 became part of FSI (Italian State Railways).

Starting in the summer, Rail Cargo will provide connections with its trains from the border, in Idomeni, to the Macedonia region, while “there are further possibilities on the route between central Europe and the two ports of Thessaloniki and Pireus”, granting RCG the chance to connect Greece and Germany on an regular basis through Bulgaria, where it is already active.


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