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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
30/09/19 12:08

Quadrante Europa presented the project for its fourth terminal

Five 750 meters long tracks and a 59 million euro investment for a new railway module to be completed in 2026

The project for the creation of the Fourth Terminal of the Quadrante Europa interport – resulting from the agreement entered into in 2017 by the ZAI Consortium, managing Verona intermodal hub, and the Italian Railway Network (RFI) – was recently presented by the top managements of the two companies, Matteo Gasparato and Maurizio Gentile respectively, before Councillor for Public Works, Infrastructures and Transports of the Veneto Region Elisa De Berti and Mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina.

The works – aiming at increasing the overall capacity of the interport to meet the greater demand for railway combined transport resulting from the entry into operation of the Brenner Base Tunnel and from the development of the High-Speed/High-Capacity line eastwards – include the creation of a new terminal with five 750 meters long (freight trains European standard length) tracks extendable up to 1,000 meters - “in light of possible technological improvements allowing for the movement of 1,000 meters long trains”, Gasparato explained – with a gantry crane and connected storage areas. The overall investment (including the development of the railway station) amounts to 59 million euro, while works should be completed in 2026. According to the schedule presented by ZAI Consortium president, the preliminary design will be completed in 2020 and in 2021 they will complete the final and executive design, while the construction phase will start in 2022.

The project includes also the lengthening of station tracks, which at present are 600 meters long (“having 750 meters beneath cranes and a 600 meters station would be useless”, Gasparato explained), in particular with the creation of “several” 1,000 meters tracks which can handle and receive 750 (and in the future also 1,000) meters long trains.

Works will include also a change in the access to the terminal, with the creation of a “new direct connection with the North Orbital Road, beneath the Milan-Venice railway line”.

“We are working with all the players involved in order to allow the Italian transport system to seize all the opportunities arising from the opening of the Brenner Base Tunnel in 2028, as well as from the progress of the High-Speed/High-Capacity line eastwards”, Maurizio Gentile declared.

On his part, Gasparato observed that “We adopt a proactive approach focusing on the European, Italian and Regional planning of infrastructures and we follow this path in order to promote maximum sustainability in freight transport”. Zai Consortium president also emphasized the approach adopted by Quadrante Europa, which “will focus on intermodalism and sustainability” from an integration perspective and with the most important partners, RFI, Veneto Region and Municipality of Verona”.

In 2018, Quadrante Europa handled 28 million tons of goods, out of which 8 million by train, for a total of 16,000 trains per year and an average of 60 trains per day.

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