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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
28/01/19 13:04

Hyperloop technology captured stage in Davos

Italian logistics operators gave a significant contribution to the round table focusing on mobility and transport co-organized by Ship2Shore, with three Italian speakers dealing with Italy-Far East trade

21/01/19 11:10

Palumbo sentenced in Messina

First level judgement for illegal disposal of waste: 2-years ban from conducting business and 6 years imprisonment for Antonio Palumbo and his son Raffaele. “The judgement will be overturned in appeal”

14/01/19 12:58

Rhenus continues to go shopping

The German logistics operator acquired a British warehousing and freight forwarding company after the recent take over in Italy and another one in Germany late last year

14/01/19 12:56

Kenya not to sell its main port

China will not take over Mombasa as seizure even though the African country should not be able to pay back its debt on a big loan