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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
18/02/19 11:12

“Very negative figures”: Toninelli stalled the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway

According to the analysis carried out by the technical committee of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, costs outweigh benefits by 7-8 billion euro, depending on the scenario. Goods flows are insufficient to justify the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway at the Fréjus tunnel, but what about Ventimiglia?

18/02/19 11:07

Abruzzo railways are ready for cargo

Having been granted the Licence by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport and the Safety Certificate by the Italian Railway Safety Agency, Sangritana Spa will be able to carry out railway freight transport services through the Italian network, thus reaching Verona Quadrante Europa Interport autonomously

18/02/19 10:14

Digitization in the container logistics sector in search of greater growth

Message from the experts in Canton Ticino about 'dystonia' between the 4.0 and container industries, with a critical look at 50 years of containerization Ravano (DSP Lugano): "We need to conduct a more in-depth discussion on three key elements: the machine, the process and the system automations"

11/02/19 10:19

Double digit growth for Hupac in 2018

After the Rastatt disruption, the following recovery and the take over of ERS Railway allowed the Swiss Group to carry 926,000 road consignments by rail to increase volume by 21%

04/02/19 11:45

Rixi urged logistics stakeholders to get together to interact with the Italian Government

At the SMI Shipping Meets Industry 2019 Deputy Minister of transports asked to put a stop to internal divisions and advocated cohesion in order to overcome the current challenges Concerns for the delays in the completion of major infrastructures: “Turin-Lyon high-speed railway and the Third Giovi Pass will not enter into operation before 2030”

28/01/19 14:54

Morandi Bridge: Vernazza withdrew from the project

The dismantling of the western part of the bridge has started, but Vernazza left the team of companies including Omini, Fagioli and Turin-based IPE; no official news about fifth partner Ireos leaving too the consortium