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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/03/19 14:24

Rhenus sells Crossrail to BLS Cargo

The Swiss-Belgian rail company participated by SNCF and Ambrogio strengthens its network along the Belgium- Germany-Switzerland-Italy trade

04/03/19 15:11

The New Silk Road railway cornerstone speaks Russian in three languages, winking at Italy

At Transpotec 2019 in Verona the Russian-Belorussian-Kazakh alliaince company UTLC detailed the significant growth in container transport along the Euro-Asian railway axis through its measuring index ERAI. “We lack a direct train to Italy, but we are negotiating with a large German operator. However, we need to find an Italian partner”, Chairman Grom explained

18/02/19 11:12

“Very negative figures”: Toninelli stalled the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway

According to the analysis carried out by the technical committee of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, costs outweigh benefits by 7-8 billion euro, depending on the scenario. Goods flows are insufficient to justify the Turin-Lyon high-speed railway at the Fréjus tunnel, but what about Ventimiglia?