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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
Chiuso 10/09/21 11:38

Even railways companies may have a green attitude and a social soul

Mercitalia Rail’s subsidiary TX Logistik has named after its employees its new wagons while its locomotives bear a motto about sustainability

Chiuso 09/09/21 16:58

Hannibal strengthens the rail link between Milan and Rotterdam

The relationship now has 11 weekly round trips, 7 to and from the Rail Service Center and 3 to and from Terminal C.RO Botlek

Chiuso 08/09/21 15:42

DSV flies down Panalpina flag

The historical name of the Swiss freight forwarding company acquired in 2019 is dropped down

Chiuso 07/09/21 14:16

Kombiverkehr links the Baltic to the Adriatic

The German combined transport operator now connects the port of Kiel with the interport of Verona

Chiuso 06/09/21 10:19

Container freight skyrocketing, even Ikea to become a shipowner

The Swedish chain of furniture stores has announced its intention to purchase its own containers and meanwhile charter ships for its logistics chain

Chiuso 02/09/21 14:23

Offshore navigation…less off

PKF Italy TCL clarifies some issues: Simplifications for non-resident shipowners and non-taxable VAT only possible upon submitting declaration

Chiuso 31/08/21 16:29

TX Logistik strengthens the connection between Italy and Germany

The German company of Mercitalia-FS Group has announced an increase in departures on the railway line that connects Milan Segrate to Duisburg DUSS

Chiuso 30/08/21 10:45

Bruni is still hungry: after Bossi & C. Transiti, now Green Carrier AB

JAS Worldwide continues to expand its global presence in the logistics sector by acquiring the Swedish company and thus finalizing the fourth take over in 2021

Chiuso 30/08/21 10:43

The German post to 'drink' a compatriot forwarder

Deutsche Post has acquired JF Hillebrand, a beverage specialist - who also has offices in Italy - for € 1.5 billion

Chiuso 30/08/21 10:41

Medway doubles its commitment with Alstom

The MSC’s subsidiary ordered 3 more TRAXX DC3 locomotives

Chiuso 30/08/21 09:50

DSV closes with Agility and waives at DB Schenker

The Danish logistics giant finalizes the acquisition in Kuwait and prepares the German campaign

Chiuso 27/08/21 14:34

Down under merger between OTS and a.hartrodt

Sangalli sells the shares of the two companies She had created in Australia but remains at the helm, while the brand is also maintained

Chiuso 27/08/21 14:08

Swiss combined transport takes off in Austria

Hupac becomes minority shareholder of the three-modal terminal WienCont to enhance services with South Eastern Europe and Turkey

Chiuso 13/08/21 08:30

Sangritana è un’impresa ferroviaria ‘certificata’

Disco verde per l’azienda controllata da TUA e attiva lungo la dorsale adriatica da parte dell’ANSFISA

Chiuso 12/08/21 13:50

The German intermodal is ahead at the halfway

Kombiverkehr exceeds pre-coronavirus transport volumes in the first half of 2021

Chiuso 02/08/21 10:45

The rail between China and Europe is increasingly loaded with boxes

UTLC ERA – a joint venture of the railways of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia - expects a further increase in traffic in the second half of 2021

Chiuso 02/08/21 10:34

Macedonian expansion for C. Steinweg

The Dutch multinational specialized in metal trading and logistics has opened a branch in Thessaloniki in Greece

Chiuso 30/07/21 09:39

VAT non-taxability of services relating to cargo handling equipment in airport areas

PKF Italy TCL focuses on the recent offical answer to a tax ruling published by the Revenue Agency on an issue that has always been the subject of strong doubts in terms of VAT taxability

Chiuso 23/07/21 08:15

Rocktree EMCO Stevedore set new dry logistics record

The multipurpose supramax RT Genova transhipped a postpanamax at a gross rate of 65,000 tonnes per day

Chiuso 19/07/21 11:01

Combilift squares its sales figures

The 60,000th truck has been delivered (to Australia’s Metroll) by the Irish manufacturer