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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
13/05/19 12:38

Pacorini & partners: double logistics investment in Vado Ligure

LOVS newco took over a former Ferruzzi silos and 90,000 square metres area adjoining APM Terminals

Pacorini group, operating in Savona since 1986 through Pacorini Silocaf, confirmed the investment made in Vado Ligure by (52% controlled) LOVS (Logistics in Vada Sabatia) pool founded together with Marino Abbo, Gerardo Ghiliotto and Sandro De Caro entrepreneurs (which control 48 %).

The deal – Abbo states – originally conceived in 2014, 'recruiting' Pacorini in 2017, covers some 100,00 square metres area, 10,000 of which hosting a grain storage silos manufactured by Ferruzzi in the 60s which continued operating until few years ago, which will be turned into a coffee silos (which represents Pacorini's core business).

“The structure will seemingly start operating by December 2020”, commented Enrico Pacorini, Managing Director of the group, also operating in adjoining VIO interport (spread on 35,000 square metres), which is the major green-coffee facility in Italy.

The initiative aims at shrinking coffee supply chain, which will reach the port in bulk containers (instead of big bags) to be stored within the silos before departing (on tankers) to final destination, essentially preventing having former big bags' waste disposal.

In 1992 the group accomplished a similar enterprise in New Orleans-USA, commented Riccardo Marchesi, Managing Pacorini Silocaf, where they are still operating”.

This is a rather strategic deal particularly considering the site's vicinity to Vado Gateway, to be formally launched next December 12th, and VIO interport, making it more competitive not only for the Italian North West by also for Central/Southern Europe.

The adjoining 9,000 square metres area, nearby Vado Gateway of APM Terminals, where a 1,600 square metres structure will be refurbished according to market demand, primarily committed to containers handling but also serving project cargo business (already started by Abbo in partnership with De Caro through CHV Cargo Handling Vado, authorized ex art.16).

Furthermore, they target developing pre-assemblage and other services committed to export business which will be undoubtedly soaring after the launching of Vado Gateway.

Francesca Marchesi


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