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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/09/17 08:51

OsaCargo opens up the Italian market

The Latvian transport & logistics company to inaugurate a branch in a not defined yet site

OsaCargo has finally made a move to open a new branch in Italy.

This expansion is part of the Latvian transport & logistics company's continued efforts to provide the best and most affordable transportation and logistics services in European and the Baltic countries.

The new branch will act as an emissary of OsaCargo's head office in Riga, Latvia, and provide direct support to clients shipping to and from the Mediterranean region, to further strengthen its logistics network while also serving to solidify connections with local clients.

"OsaCargo is proud to be able to better serve and support the people and businesses of Italy" stated a spokesperson. "It's been our long-standing commitment to maintaining the strongest transport and logistics network in Europe and the Baltic countries, and we believe that this new branch is just another step forward in that direction."

OsaCargo currently provides transport and logistics for most countries in Europe and the Baltic region,  including Poland, Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, the UK; the Latvian company transports packages, pallets, as well as partial and full capacity freights anywhere in Europe and offers international transport for clients who need to ship packages or freights overseas.