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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/01/19 10:09

Orseros negotiating its debt with Italian Tax Authorities

The shareholders of the new Albenga-based fruit trading company, which distanced itself from the news, agreed to pay 10 million euro to settle the dispute resulting from the escape of money abroad

Orsero S.p.A. does not have anything to do with the matter directly involving some of its main shareholders, some of whom have the same surname of the deceased founder of the Ligurian leading multinational company in importation and distribution of fruit and vegetables in Mediterranean Europe. This is what the company’s spokesperson pointed out with regards to the news reported by local newspapers. 

According to the newspaper Il Secolo XIX, they reached an agreement amounting to 10 million euro for the possible settlement of the existing dispute with the Finance Police.

The dispute involved the company GF Group, through which the Orseros (and other shareholders) obtained a 91 million euro credit from Banca Carige, and they never returned it.

On the contrary, Orsero S.p.A., listed in the Alternative Investment Market managed by the Italian Stock Exchange “confirms that the Group did not know anything about it, therefore it was not involved in any investigations on the part of the Office of the Public Prosecutor and/or in any alleged offence.

It was also pointed out that Orsero S.p.A. and its subsidiaries do not have any pending tax suits related to said matter, therefore the news that the Company paid several amounts to Tax Authorities as voluntary correction of tax return is false.

Also the reference to the supposed irregularities related to the financing granted by Banca Carige to the Orsero Group is false, as it has been fully repaid”, the official press release reads.

According to the Genoese newspaper, the Public Prosecutor at the Court of Genoa is supposed to have closed the investigations involving some fifteen people charged with criminal association for embezzlement and tax evasion (the last 6 people in the list below are thought to be suspected also of money laundering) through offshore companies – involved also in the Panama Papers investigation – which are thought to have made it possible to transfer money recorded in the financial statements of the Albenga-based company to private accounts opened in tax havens by: Raffaella, Gianni, Antonio and Anna Chiara Orsero, Luigina Casti, Pierangelo Ottonello, Rosetta Orione, Anna Maria Tacchini, Francesco De Lorenzo, Sara Valle, Angelo Bonanata, Alessandro and Fabrizio Cavalli, Luciano Orsero (who left the shareholding structure in 2008) and Daniele Gazzano.

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