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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
16/04/18 09:59

New tender process set at Interporto Civitavecchia

Starting price of the 7th sale attempt went down to 4 million Euro

Even the new (actually 7th) sale attempt, closing on May 22nd, was listed within Interporto di Roma Piattaforma Logistica Civitavecchia s.r.l. bankruptcy procedure, started in 2014, which envisaged the sale of a business branch.

As recently set by the new rules applied to the 7th sale attempt, starting price – fixed at 10.217 million Euro in 2016 but subsequently reduced after former unsuccessful tenders (although in some occasions potential buyers showed their interest without closing the deal), has been currently reduced to 4 million Euro.

The tender, setting 50,000 Euro minimum price increase, will open on May 15th and interested buyers will be bidding until 15:00 on May 22nd.

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