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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
08/09/19 22:33

New entry at the top of the list of the first 1,000 logistics companies in Italy

Savino Del Bene (with a turnover of almost 1.5 billion euro) outdid DHL and BRT

According to the top-1,000 list of Italian logistic services operators (2019 edition) recently published by Il Giornale della Logistica and based on the financial results recorded in 2017, the Tuscan group Savino Del Bene ranked first in terms of revenues in the Italian logistics, freight forwarding and freight transport sectors, with a turnover that outdid both the German giant Dhl and Brt Corriere Espresso.

The turnover of the 1,000 companies amounts to over 36.6 billion euro, while aggregate profits amount to 864 million. The increasing growth of the sector is confirmed by the 50 million turnover threshold that in this edition was achieved by 135 operators (against 121 of the previous year), while companies invoicing less than 10 million euro are 517. Moreover, the companies reporting losses are 140, witnessing a significant decrease compared to the previous financial year.

The Italian group Savino Del Bene at the top of the list achieved an income of 1.48 billion euro and 33.1 million profits, while the German DHL ranked second, with a turnover of 1.42 billion and million positive net result of 28.1 recorded in Italy.

Two Italian companies ranked third and fourth: BRT Corriere Espresso, with a 1.37 billion turnover and 28.6 million profits, and Fercam, achieving 754 millions and 7.8 millions respectively. United Parcel Service Italia (UPS) completed the ‘top five’ list with a total revenue amounting to 713 millions and a positive result of 13.8.

From the fifth to the tenth place there are the following companies: Arcese Trasporti (666 million turnover and 18.6 profits), DSV (662 and 17.2 millions), Schenker Italiana (631 and 7.6 millions), Kuehne Nagel (622 and 12.2 millions) and Bcube (602 and 14.6 millions).

From the eleventh to the twentieth top-list positions there are: Sda Express Courier (532 millions turnover), Havi Logistics (481 millions), GLS Italy (472 millions), JAS (464 millions), Geodis (403 millions), Transmec (397 millions), Ceva Logistics Italia (385 millions), Contship Italia (342 millions), Italsempione (322 millions) and S.D.M. Società distributrice merci (296 millions).



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