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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
07/05/18 10:18

New alliance and developments for Turkish global transport operator

Ekol Logistics starts cooperation with Blue Water Shipping, adds a block train from France to Belgium, introduced a new ro-ro vessel from Turkey to Spain

Ekol Logistics has launched a cooperation with a new partner from Denmark.

Blue Water Shipping is a leading independent transport and logistics company with more than 40 years of experience, presently, with 60 offices in the world and operating in the fields of port services & agency, oil, gas & industrial projects, wind logistics, reefer logistics, marine logistics and general cargo.

“The first step of this cooperation is to operate a service on the Turkey-Denmark route; but we may also add more countries in the future. As Blue Water Shipping is a very strong company, we are certain it can bring benefits to our customers since now we can offer a seamless service between these two countries” stated Sait Kurtuluş, Freight - Trade Lanes Management Director, Ekol.

“Our strategy is to develop intermodal solutions. The whole trip between Turkey and Denmark will be done first by ro-ro service between Yalova and Trieste, and then we will use our block train Trieste-Kiel; the last part of the route will be covered by trucks. This also means that Blue Water Shipping can now offer proper intermodal connection between Turkey and Denmark to their customers” Kurtuluş added.

Last month, the Turkish company opened a new train service between Sete, France and Zeebrugge, Belgium and started using a new ro-ro.

Also since March, Ekol has been offering a new intermodal connection for trailers between Sete and Izmir making a stop over in the port of Lavrio, close to Athens.

In February Ekol Logistics announced opening an office in the 16th country, Sweden.

The Istanbul-based company also keeps developing intermodal connections, already having 48 dedicated block train trips per week. “Our strategy is to have more and more block trains in Europe. We would also like to increase the ro-ro capacity; in fact we are glad to announce the increase in the number of our vessel connections between France and Turkey to 2 per week and the increase in the number of train connections Sete to Paris to 2 per week.

On top of that we have also added a completely new train connection from Sete to Zeebrugge, Belgium; this way we can connect France, the Benelux, Sweden and the UK with South Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and Maghreb. This new route can be utilized for the future volumes between South Europe and Sweden or Nordics countries and is supporting growth also in the ‘youngest’ country where Ekol has own organization, Sweden“ stated Alaa Jennane, Director of Engineering Business Development.

Along 1,200 km it takes 22 hours to connect Sete and Zeebrugge two times per week with the capacity of 44 units; this train will substitute another one between Trieste and Zeebrugge but it has a bigger capacity. It takes 14 hours to connect Sete and Paris with the capacity of 50 units per train, the longest train in Ekol network. Both French trains are developed in collaboration with VIIA as the rail operator.

In the maritime leg, Ekol Logistics has just started to use a new vessel, Fadiq, with capacity of 280 trailers that can be increased to 340 units as it can accommodate double stack containers. With length of 210 meters and freight capacity of 32,770 GT, the ro-ro vessel is a fast one as it can achieve the top speed of 21.3 knots.

“The launch of our second vessel from/to Sete connecting Spain with Turkey and the Middle East 2 times per week will completely change the market between those countries” commented Jordi Perez, Business Development Manager Ekol Spain.

The first step was taken by launching a connection using the vessel Ayshe four years ago which allowed Ekol to connect Sete and Izmir in only 56 hours; this allowed customers in Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia to increase sales and buying more in short cycles.

“With the second vessel started in March, customers will receive an end to end service, including customs services, all provided by Ekol. The transit time is faster even than airfreight. Ekol Spain connects over 100 important areas in Europe and we have also introduced a service between Sete and Lavrio in Greece 2 times per week” added Perez.


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