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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/02/19 11:28

MSC expanding in the inland logistics in Italy

The Aponte-controlled group founded Medlog Italia which is expected to launch soon intermodal services to and from the ports of Leghorn and Genoa

Un camion di Medlog

Geneva-based Mediterranean Shipping Company is to expand significantly its business in Italy with a brand new logistics and intermodal company called Medlog Italy. “Medlog is the logistics arm of Msc offering a one-stop shop for global inland solutions supporting the ever-growing customer base” writes the global carrier on its website.

As one logistics and supply chain provider, also the Genoa-based Medlog Italia will invest in inland logistics platforms, warehouses, trucks, locomotives “facilitating logistics efficiency for the benefit of customers” the company adds.

This new company was founded 12 months ago and since then has been active at recruiting managers and skilled professionals (most of them from Contship Italia) for the new team which will have the mission to progressively control the logistics chain of the cargo shipments from and to Italy.

Some sources told Splash that the first container train directly controlled and operated by Medlog Italia is expected to be launched in 2020 and should connect the ports of Genoa and Leghorn with the respective hinterlands. In Italy Msc control or participates in several container terminal such as Calata Bettolo and Intermodal Marine Terminal in Genoa, La Spezia Container Terminal in La Spezia, Lorenzini Terminal in Leghorn, Roma Terminal Container in Civitavecchia, Conateco in Naples, Medcenter Container Terminal in Gioia Tauro, Adriatic Container Terminal in Ancona, Terminal Intermodale Venezia in Venice Marghera and Trieste Marine Terminal in Trieste. 

Nicola Capuzzo

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