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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
27/05/19 11:48

Mississippi loading for Bedeschi

Cargill asked the Italian cargo handling supplier a new shuttle system to handle grains at Westwego plant near New Orleans

Bedeschi has been awarded by Cargill a new ship loading system, part of the refurbishment and upgrade of an existing facility operating on the Mississippi River.

The Italian cargo handling supplier will engineer, manufacture, install and commission (through its U.S.A. branch located in Deerfield Beach, Florida) a shuttle type ship loading arm able to load grains and oilseeds at 80.000 bushels/h (2200 tons/h) on vessels up to 120.000 DWT.

The overall features are very similar to the 3 towers shuttle type shiploader successfully installed in CMT terminal in Convent, few miles north from this new one. This machine features enclosed type belt conveyors and a Vortex type dust free telescopic chute.

The equipment will be preassembled in Italy and shipped to New Orleans area into 3 main parts in order to minimize the downtime during the erection. Bedeschi will perform the project as well as mechanical and electrical works on a turn-key basis. In this project, Bedeschi will actively cooperate with Lanier & Associated, Engineering firm from New Orleans.


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