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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
09/04/18 11:17

Joint venture on the virtuous path of gas

The Italian Company for Gas Transportation (Sitragas) was established as a partnership between two leader companies in the sector, Ankorgaz spa and Marenzana spa, to develop LNG transport

Belgioioso-based (Pavia) Ankorgaz-Storgaz, represented by its Managing Director Antonio Barani, and Novi Ligure-based (Alessandria) Marenzana S.p.A., headed by Alberto Marenzana, both specialized in transports of chemicals and gas products established the Italian Company for Gas Transportation (Sitragas).

Headquartered in Milan, Ankorgaz spa is one of the leading Italian companies within the liquefied natural (LNG) sector, as well as 49% owner of Sitragas, while Marenzana Spa is the Italian leading firm in the transport of chemicals (and a member of the European association EPTA), as well as 51% owner of Sitragas.

The joint-venture aims at developing the liquefied natural gas transport market as LNG is one of the most important energy challenges in the post-oil era. Since it reduces emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere significantly, LNG consumptions are expected to increase rapidly.

In 2015, Ankorgaz spa created a business unit focusing on LPG transport boasting 10 semi-trailers and 6 road tractors, mainly used to transport propane on the Marseilles – Northern Italy route.

In 2017, another two cryogenic tanks were added to transport liquefied natural gas.

“In order to grow in the transport sector money and specific skills are needed”, Ankorgaz owner and chairman Barani explained. “Ankorgaz is organized enough to attack the market, but we do not have the necessary technical skills to rationalize the business and make it profitable. Since Marenzana is a partner that exceeded our expectations, and due to our affinity with Marenzana spa shareholder and Managing Director Alessandro Pais, as well as with Alberto Marenzana, this joint-venture was created in a short time”.

The young entrepreneur pointed out that "our real objective is not LPG, rather LNG. Italy does not have a group experienced with the entire industry. Ankorgaz is an LNG trader and a provider of liquefied natural gas in Italy, and it has a business unit (NDR GI ENNE ELLE headquartered in Milan) dealing with the design and creation of road LNG installations. Therefore, repeating what we did with LPG will be easy, but this time we need a scale-up rather than a start-up approach".

"In order to succeed in a business where a semi-trailer costs 250,000 euro we will need a significant access to credit, and this is the second reason why I chose a majority shareholder like Marenzana, which is perfect for our business purpose", Barani observed.

Ankorgaz and Storgaz recently welcome 120 primary school children in their plant to explain their company's activities, what LPG is and how important it is for everyone.

Meanwhile, in order to expand its activities Sitragas is always ready to seize growth opportunities besides it core business.

Angelo Scorza


TAG : Road haulage