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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/08/18 10:36

Italy leader in a revolutionary niche production

Brianza Plastica produces a GRP laminates range dedicated to the tank containers after being applied to the industrial markets

Over 55 years of experience in a specific field, with an in-depth know how and most recent developments to supply a vast range of industrial markets, from the building to the automotive sector.

With 5 production sites, commercial branches in France and in Indiana, USA, they claim to be currently the only company able to offer fiberglass laminates made with two production processes: continuous hot laminating (Elyplan range) and discontinuous cold laminating (Elycold range).

Brianza Plastica was established in 1962 in Carate Brianza (Monza Brianza), a province part of the industrious  Lombardy Region, with the specific purpose to manufacture fiberglass laminates for the building sector.

Skills and expertise acquired over the years and the demand for laminates with better characteristics have made its fiberglass laminates suitable for recreational and temperature-controlled vehicles and, according to the long experience in the GRP production, they have developed 2 ranges of flat laminates dedicated to other sectors.

In the ‘80, the company also entered into the field of thermal insulation for roofs and walls in the residential and industrial sectors; Isotec® system was born in 1984, an innovative thermal insulating under-tile panel in polyurethane.

Over the years, the company continued in the production and constant research and implementation of fiberglass laminates expanding its range.

Thus the Italian firm has significantly extended its market presence with a comprehensive product range and has been enjoying increasing success in the transport sector since 2006; in this arena, it supplies fibreglass sheets both to manufacturers of recreational vehicles (campers and caravans) and to trucks and refrigerated-trailer producers.

For covering tank containers, they can propose GRP laminates from both the Brianza Plastica flat laminates ranges, Elyplan and Elycold.

Precisely, Elyplan are the flat laminates produced with hot lamination process, with or without woven roving reinforcement, in various weights and thicknesses. The Extra glass version is characterized by excellent high mechanical performances and a reduced thickness. The use of these laminated is appreciated to reduce the weight. Elycold are the high quality fiberglass laminates by Brianza Plastica produced discontinuously at room temperature, with impeccable aesthetic finish.

The manufacturer is proud to have developed an efficient sales network.

“Our export volume is over 70% and we are delivering to all the most important market, from Australia to USA.  Italy has been our first market and is always important and strategic, in any case we are market leader also on the French, on Spanish and on the Polish market” states Gianluca Della Pedrina, export manager. “We have strongly increased our production capacity and we are continuing following a positive market trend related to GRP as material always more appreciated because of its advantages”.

What are the real advantages and benefits of such products?

“Fiberglass laminates of both the product ranges can be used to cover the external surface of tank containers. Elycold is appreciated for the excellent aestetic finishing guaranted by the polymerization process at room temperature without the thermal shocks of continuous processes, Elyplan ensures a costancy of quality keeping a competitive price. The use of fiberglass laminates gives advantages  in terms of weight, easy reparability and corrosion resistance” Della Pedrina adds.

The company has been founded and is still actually owned by the family Crippa; it has a staff of 260 employees and generates a turnover of 75 million euro, of which about 70% coming from export sales.

The historical site and headquarters in Carate Brianza contains the most modern continuous hot-laminating production line, the result of a substantial investment made in 2008, aimed at boosting the production capacity to meet the demands of the industries of temperature-controlled and recreational vehicles (campers and caravans).

Brianza Plastica in 2006 also opened the new production site of San Martino di Venezze (Rovigo), further enhanced in 2016 with the production of flat fibreglass laminates (using the discontinuous cold-laminating procedure).

Purchased in 2009, the facility of Ostellato (Ferrara) further increased the production capacity in the field of fiberglass laminates produced with the cold-laminating procedure.

“Laminates obtained in two cold laminating and one hot laminating sites, for maximum production flexibility, are able to meet the requirements of an increasingly demanding market. With our three production sites dedicated to fiberglass, we are confident to become a benchmark for the industry in the coming years” they say.

Brianza USA Corporation was established in January 2014 as a commercial-logistics centre to serve the entire US market and to strengthen its presence in the territory, handling orders of any size; its headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana are equipped with a warehouse and distribution centre, making it a reference point for the distribution of Elycold and Elyplan fiberglass laminates in the market of recreational vehicles and heavy load vehicles (trucks and buses).

Last but not least, the production is eco-friendly too; all fiberglass laminates production sites are equipped with powerful suction systems that purify the internal production areas by carrying the solvents to modern abatement plants that automatically powers itself by recovering the heat generated by the combustion of solvent. The heat recovered is partly reused to power the plant and partly to generate hot water for heating.

Angelo Scorza