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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
01/04/19 12:00

Italian logistics gets 42.5 million Euro from Europe

The 'Connecting Europe Facility' programme promoted 14 projects to upgrade infrastructures and transport

Containers and gas trains in Genoa lungomare Canepa - Fuori Muro NC 8414

Within latest 2018 Connecting Europe Facility, the European Commission suggested investing 421 million Euro in 69 projects to improve mobility for citizens and enterprises, targeting digitalization, making safer roads and promote multimodal connections in compliance with 'keep Europe moving' initiative.

Italy submitted Brussels 29 projects, namely a co-financing application reaching 119.1 million Euro, 14 of which received green light to be allocated 42,495,503 Euro, of which 28.1 (concerning 8 projects) relates to international projects, while 14.4 (6 projects) exclusively concern Italy.

Two projects, which were allocated 11 million co-financing covers new works to be developed and further 12 (31.5 millions) aimed at studying new projects to be implemented.

In essence the 14 Italian projects are: “Saving lives assessing and improving TEN-t road networks safety” (195,000 Euro), “A European FEderated Network of Information eXchange in Logistics” (10.37 millions), “AFE” (274,000), “Green and Connected Ports (GREEN C PORTS)” (309,000), “FEDeRATED” (1.68 millions), “Interoperability of the rail system with TAF TSI in TEN-T Corridors (I RAIL)” (1.58 millions), “C-ROADS ITALY” (6.87 millions), “InGE - Innovative solutions for Intermodal node 'Genoa Erzelli'” (701,000), “INTERFACE: Renovating the access to the core port of Palermo and its interactions with the urban environment” (742,000), “Veneto Region coordinated initiative enhancing core intermodal nodes” (2.02), “ERTMS deployment on the SCANMED Corridor (Verona - Bologna section)” (9,47 milioni), “SMART-C - Scalo Marotti viRTual Corridor” (542,000), “Designing multimodal freight platforms bridging northern Emilia and southern Lombardy to the TEN-T Network” (1.65) and “E-BRIDGE. Emergency and BRoad Information Development for the ports of Genoa” (6.09).

The latter project, sent Brussels soon after the Morandi bridge collapse aimed at upgrading data sharing among port systems, terminal gateway services, new buffer areas and last mile railway connection – as announced by Minister Danilo Toninelli – will receive 6 million community co-funding out of 20 millions applied for.

Meanwhile “Veneto Intermodal” project targets strengthening the so called last railway maile among Verona and Padova interports and Venice port, Core junctions in the Ten-T network.



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