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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
10/09/18 09:37

Italian and Polish cargo railways to cooperate

PKP and Mercitalia have teamed up to consider new joint services along the Baltic-Adriatic corridor for both intermodal and conventional

A strategic alliance party has been signed in Krynica, Poland, during the Economic Forum 2018 between Mercitalia Rail, a company of FS Group Italiane, and Polish company PKP Cargo, to improve cooperation on the Baltic-Adriatic corridor.

PKP Cargo had started negotiations with Mercitalia Rail, its counterpart in Italy, on July 11, as the latest in a series of attempts to improve access to the Adriatic seaports in the last five years.

The two companies will establish a strategic partnership on the north-south corridor between Wroclaw, in southern Poland and Tarvisio, northern Italy to improve the quality of the railway line and to create a working group consisting of representatives of both companies, to develop the principles of cooperation and prepare a new product responding to the market demand.

The first step in this direction one was made in 2013, when PKP Cargo acquired access to Tarvisio station; then in 2015 the Polish freight operator became a strategic partner of Croatian rail freight company HŽ Cargo, when PKP Cargo intended to buy 40% of its shares; but the Croatian government changed its plans and cancelled the privatisation of this company.

As a second best the Polish company acquired 80% shares of AWT, second biggest freight carrier in Czech Republic, and thus gained access to the markets of Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria.



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