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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
06/05/19 11:04

Green light for Paganella’s triplet

The Province of Mantua authorized the creation of the new logistics centre in Valdaro without asking any Environmental Impact Evaluation (VIA) procedure

No Environmental Impact Evaluation (VIA) procedure will be needed to move forward with the project to further increase Paganella Trasporti’s operational areas in its Mantua headquarters.

The development of operational areas is proportional to the ongoing growth of the traditional business recorded by the company currently headed by managing director Roberta Paganella (patron Andrea’s sister).

Having overcome several bureaucratic obstacles, the Province of Mantua finally granted its authorization to create a new logistics centre in Valdaro, thus allowing the completion of a project providing for the construction of new silos, warehouses for goods and an essential railway track connected to the Italian network.

The next steps on schedule concern the executive design to be submitted to the Municipality of Mantua to obtain all the necessary permits to perform the works planned in the project.

Having celebrated its first 60 years of activities in 2012, Paganella currently operates in its Valdaro 1 and Valdaro 2 areas and it is planning to create a new (200,000 square meters) area known as Valdaro 3 in the spaces that it had taken over a few years ago – together with the Veneto-based food group Rossetto which, in turn, had purchased 400,000 square meters – following the liquidation of the public company Valdaro Spa.

On this 40,852 square meters area they will transport, handle, process and store significant quantities of goods within the chemical (plastic grain materials) and food (sugar refining) industries.

On the contrary, goods subject to ADR rules, i.e. “dangerous” (explosive and inflammable) loads, have not been considered.

Besides silos and warehouses, they will create their own internal 650 meters track connected with the tracks managed by the Italian Railway Network (RFI) and with the tracks allowing access to the quays of the port of Valdaro, i.e. Paganella’s water outlet within its intermodal road-railway-water transport mode.

In fact, the new logistics hub is close both to the inland waterway Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco, flowing into the High Adriatic sea, in parallel with the Po river, and to the A22 Brennero Motorway and to the SP 30 Provincial Road.

According to Paganella’s business plan, the new logistics centre can employ 45 workers including direct and indirect employees, being a prerogative of the porterage and handling cooperatives with which service contracts will be entered into.

Having got the green light to start the project without any Environmental Impact Evaluations, Paganella undertook to transfer an 8,760 square meters area to the Province of Mantua, where they will build other tracks for the public intermodal platform in the Olmo Lungo section.

Last but not least, the project has a definitely “green” nature: Paganella will create “green” barriers along the perimeters of its area through planting out of soil, water recovery for irrigation and installation of a photovoltaic plant to generate electricity.

The site will benefit from the commitment undertaken at the end of 2018 by both the Province and the Municipality, which assumed the responsibility to unlock investments in the Valdaro areas and to create the essential link road to favour traffics in the entire area, and whose execution costs should have been incurred by the company Valdaro SpA, subsequently put under liquidation.

The two main territorial bodies undertook to grant 2.2 million and 1.1 million euro to the Municipality and the Province respectively, while Autobrennero will provide 2.9 million to build the most complex part of the entire connection between the Mantua North Motorway toll booth and the port of Valdaro. The section built over the railway line is preparatory to the second part of the infrastructure, to be built within the Olmo Lungo private plan, which was resumed after decades of standstill.

Angelo Scorza

TAG : Logistics