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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
11/02/19 10:54

Global carriers' supremacy upsets the market

Battistello, Munari and Pitto have recently asked to take due action to counter giant groups like MSC's supremacy

Ceciclia Eckelmann Battistello

A giant group like Msc, which continues strengthening, is obviously causing great concern among suppliers, partners and customers which are somehow worried about this group (and others like Cosco and Maersk) supremacy

One of them is Contship Italia, which has been fighting a long dispute against Aponte particularly regarding the management of Gioia Tauro terminal (controlled 50/50 pct each) but also La Spezia (where Msc is minority shareholder with 40% stakes).

Not by chance Cecilia Battistello, Managing director at Contship Italia, recalling the soaring presence of global carriers as shareholding partners in port terminals reported that: a shipping company would better act as a shipping company and a port terminal as a port terminal.

Even Professor Francesco Munari, Professor at Genoa University, highly skilled in Italian port law, stated that the majority of port terminals cannot be controlled by large shipping companies. We must keept the two roles apart.

Alessandro Pitto, President of the Association of Genoa-based freight forwarders Spediporto and managing director of Casasco&Nardi freight forwarder, stated that for the time being the major problem is countering these companies' excessive power.

Port Authorities must be business-oriented, setting the terms due to turn ports into a must-choice for carriers. A policy exclusively focausing on contractual agreements among giant carriers might bring immediate results but would be short-sightet in the long term.

Nicola Capuzzo

TAG : Intermodal