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Editor in chief: Angelo Scorza
15/04/19 15:45

Giant mission accomplished by Arkas Logistics

The Turkish company carried Turkish Airlines to its new home 13 hours earlier than planned

Arkas Logistics carried Turkish Airlines to its new home Istanbul Airport with the largest moving project in the world aviation history.

Having shown an impeccable example of logistics engineering, the Turkish company completed the moving operation 13 hours earlier than the planned moving time of 45 hours, with zero occupational accidents.

Arkas Logistics performed a seamless and fast moving operation of more than 10.000 equipment, ranging from 44-ton aircraft towing tractor to precision tools that filled more than 5.000 trucks, with 1557 vehicles and 1805 staff members working in shifts. With special tracking systems created for this project, traffic control rooms, vehicle-driver tracking systems, online cargo movement, barcode system, special equipment and with special project trainings that were delivered, Arkas Logistics completed the moving project with 8 main loading stations that were launched at Ataturk Airport and 8 main unloading stations that were launched in Istanbul Airport.